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By: Adrianna Noton
Bar stools are seats that are specifically designed for seating in public houses and bars. They are made in different styles which are generally tall. For example, 76 centimeters for a normal bar stool and 66 centimeters for stool used in kitchen counters. They are comfortable to relax on a phenomenon that has earned them credit even in house settings.

These types of seats are becoming popular due to their diversity in style and design. They are also more appealing, attractive and classy than conventional stools. The fact that they are chic does not mean that they do not accentuate the theme of a modern house. The aim for making them tall is allow a higher view especially when eating, drinking or even socializing.

The constriction of bar stools differs in material and style. They are often made of metal or wood. They range from most basic ones that are made of tools to the sophisticated ones. Some especially modern ones have arm rest back and lagging on the seat surface while others do not.

In commercial settings the most common type is the swivel, which is movable and more comfortable than the floor mounted bar stool. Although floor mounted stools are less comfortable than swivel, they are immobile and therefore cannot be stolen. They can either be mounted on a column or can be secured to the floor using meal angles.

They can be made from either wicker or bamboo with an effect of creating a tiki bar effect. The ones found in commercial premises have fifties and sixties retro look. Stacking types provide better vision due to their space saving quality. Owing to this effect a greater number of them can be accommodated in smaller space. Plastic ones are cheap but luck toughness and therefore provide a delicate situation for you seating set up. Nevertheless plastic bar stools are light and easy to move.

Some bars have both outdoor and indoor set up. For safety and durability a strong stool is needed particularly for outdoor purposes. Aluminum is a strong material that hard to break and do not rust up the exposure of moisture. It is therefore used to make stools that are used outdoor while wood and upholstery is used to make seats that are used indoor purposes.Wooden types are also good since they create a conventional display or setting in your bar or room.

They are also common in pool or billiard halls with different customizations. There are some stools that can be personalized to be tall or even to swivel with or without electric power.

In conclusion style, space and cost of a bar stool are some of the factors you should take into consideration when selecting the type you want to use. There a lot of stylish design ranging from new model swivel, rustic to the ones that incorporate both modern and rustic approach. When buying these types of seat is important to take into account the comfort of a customer as a top priority.


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