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By: Jamie Simpson
Design elements are the most crucial aspect of any successful exhibition stand. Other things factor into the equation as well. However, the shape, layout and overall appearance are crucial. This is especially true at an event where one's competitors are also there. The goal of exhibition stand design, in this case, is to make one's own stand be more noticeable to passers-by.

In order to create an effective exhibition stand, certain things should be taken into consideration. First, the design should be focused what the product is that will be promoted. A stand that displays toys for children will be decidedly different from a stand that displays automobile parts or computer software. Another consideration is the logo of the product being sold, or the company that is selling it.

A company's logo, or product logo, is one of the most important elements with regard to attracting customers. It can be displayed a number of different ways that will can instantly capture the attention of anyone who is passing by. At least one logo should be in the centre rear of the stand, and elevated above eye-level. This will enable it to be seen from afar, and will attract the customer's eye all the way into the stand. A more localized logo can be effectively placed on the lower center of the exterior of the stand, if there is some type of barrier such as a countertop. Logos are also effective when placed on either of the exterior sides of the stand so that people see it as they approach from either direction.

The visual aspects of the ideal exhibition stand are also important. Prototypes of products, photographs, diagrams and color schemes can convey the company's messages regardless of the number of individuals milling about, and regardless of the sometimes high noise levels that can be found at these events. Making the best choices of colours cannot be stressed enough. The various combinations run the gamut between dark and light, and bright and subtle. It can be difficult to understand which is best. There is a fine balance between garish and bright, appealing and rich, or simply too dark. Ideally, complimentary colours, that is, the colours opposite one another on a color wheel, attract the most attention. When used together, these colors are real attention grabbers.

The use of video in exhibition stands is becoming quite popular. The incorporation of a laptop slide show or video screen with looping messages or the company's logo and contact information can elicit attention in a pleasing, unique way. Otherwise, contact information should always be included in close proximity to the company logo and printed on cards and brochures that are left for the customer's to carry away with them.

Finally, lighting can be utilized to the best of the vendor's advantage. The key word for lighting is, "balance." Lights should be neither too dim, nor too bright in an exhibition stand. Spotlights can be quite effective to highlight certain products and to create general interest.


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