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If you are interested in collecting buy replica Guess Shoes give pleasure to visit Halloween is a holiday celebrated on October 31. By tradition, Halloween begins after sunset.It means "holy evening," and it comes every October 31, the evening before All Saints' Day. However, it is not really a church holiday, it is a holiday for children mainly.
Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, ghost tours, bonfires, costume parties, visiting "haunted houses", carving Jack-o'-lanterns, reading scary stories and watching horror movies.
Long ago, people believed that witches gathered together and ghosts roamed the world on Halloween. Today, most people no longer believe in ghosts and witches. But these supernatural beings are still a part of Halloween. 
 As we all konw, when the day is coming, not only the children would put on strange masks and frightening costumes , but most grown-ups also love Halloween and Halloween parties because on this day they can disguise themselves as personages or ghost as their imaginations will lead them.
Dressing in masks and costumes is a popular Halloween activity. Costumes can be traditional and scary, such as a witch’s pointy hat and black gown. Costumes may also have a modern flavor. Many children dress up as movie characters or a favorite superhero.
For instance, some people would dress up as canine friends Ted and Fred from Peter Eastman’s “Big Dog . . . Little Dog”book series, wear a Barack Obama mask, dress up as Cleopatra, or as the Greek goddessMedusa with her intertwining snake hair.
Many people would try best to dress differently to show who they are, and  Hollywood stars are not the exception, they would dress quizzical clothings to show their own styles. For example, Natalie Portman once was seen wearing a mask as she was leaving a Halloween party .HilaryDuff
who dressed up as Angelina and her hockey player boyfriend Mike Comrie dressed up as Brangelina for Halloween. Kate Becksinale dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood.
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