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By: Steve Weber
There are many television advertisements nowadays featuring prescription medication that is designed to ease the pain and suffering of joint osteoarthritis. Although these prescribed medicines are usually quite effective in easing joint pain, there've also been shown to cause severe side effects in both humans and pets. One of the most dramatic differences between these prescription drugs an all-natural supplements is that the higher-priced drugs simply try to mask the pain.

With supplements, such as MSM supplements and liquid glucosamine, the point is to actually help the body rebuild and regenerate damaged cartilage tissue caused by the joint disease. These supplements are unique in this respect but they do not hide the pain and actually alleviate the discomfort of arthritis by creating stronger and healthier joint tissues which have been damaged over time due to the effects of degenerative joint disease such as arthritis.

The glucosamine products sold today are 100% natural and highly effective when dealing with osteoarthritis in canines and humans. There are virtually no side effects associated with using these supplements. The only possibility of an adverse reaction could happen in those people who are allergic to shellfish. This is where most of the glucosamine today is produced from. The manufacturers also suggest that pregnant women and very elderly people always seek medical advice before taking this or any kind of supplement products.

Although the FDA does not regulate MSM or glucosamine or any other supplement product used for natural joint care in the United States, there have been virtually no cases of severe side effects associated with the supplementation using liquid glucosamine. Also, natural glucosamine is far less expensive when taken on a daily basis than its prescription counterparts. In most cases the daily dosages for the supplement runs well under $1 per day when the product is purchased in bulk.

And be aware that, when using this supplement to treat joint arthritis,one will not see immediate results. Although the prescribed medications may offer almost immediate relief from joint pain, all-natural glucosamine must be allowed to have time to work. In most cases, the positive benefits of the product will not be experienced by either humans or pets for at least 4 to 6 weeks. This makes it very important that when purchasing the glucosamine for the first time that one buys enough to last for several months. It usually does no good to simply take the product for one month and then quit.


Find out how an all-natural products like MSM supplements can be used safely and effectively for treating joint arthritis in canines in people. Visit our website for more information about this and other highly effective supplement products.
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