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By: Steve Weber
In the past five or six years greens drinks have become more more popular as people are searching for natural alternatives to multivitamin tablets. These drinks are loaded with many of the daily vitamin requirements. Best of all, there is no need to worry about swallowing tablets or capsules for taking your vitamins. You can now enjoy vitamin supplementation by way of a tasty drink mix.

Greens drinks come in either powdered form or liquid concentrates. Most people prefer the powdered form of greens drinks as they are easier to transport and makes mixing easier. The liquid forms often require refrigeration which make them difficult to use at work or on trips. The power usually has an expiration date twice as long as those dates for the liquid drink.

Additionally, the powdered drink mix comes in a variety of flavors including raspberry and orange. These two are all-natural flavors without any artificial additives or colors added. Many people find that when initially drinking the concentrated and triple in greens mixtures they must do drink more than the instructions state. The reason for this is that the concentrated green straight often get upset one system when not used to drinking. These are it's greatly powerful concentrated drinks which sometimes takes some getting used to.

Many people find the taste of triple strenght green drinks to be offensive in the beginning. One thing you can do to help with the flavor is to ensure that the mix is done with extremely cold water. Simply mixing the green powder in tap water is not very tasty. The cold water seems to give it a much better flavor. Also, many people prefer to mix greens powder in a favorite juice such as orange or even grapefruit. This of course makes it much sweeter and offers it a better flavor. However, some of the benefit is lost as there are calories added when using juices. Many people are using the greens drink as a weight loss method and therefore mixing it with juice is rather counterproductive.

One of the best places to buy the greens drinks are online at nutritional retailers. Simply do a search for your favorite brand in many choices of stores will be presented. One of the most important aspects for ordering online is comparing not only the price of the drink but also the shipping cost. The costs to ship the powder to your home can vary anywhere from being totally free do over $10 per package. This can greatly affect the overall cost of buying the green tea mix online. Also, many online retailers give very good discounts when multiple canisters of the drink are purchased at one time. In fact, many of them offer three bottles for the cost of two. Do a search in your favorite online search engine to find the best deals available. Additionally, online auction sites are also a good place to look for great buys when purchasing a greens drink.


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