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By: Steve Weber
In times past, if you are looking for a person any foreign country, it almost always required the assistance of a private investigator within that country. Today however, the Internet becomes are private investigator at her fingertips. With the advent of the World Wide Web, information from not just United States, the country's far and wide are available online. Unless the country is a third world country, there will be cities they and local databases that usually have information about individuals living within that country. That information usually winds up online much the same way it does in the United States.

By simply doing a quick search in one of the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft search engine, it can be quite easy to find that missing person even if they are in a foreign country. For example, simply type the persons name into a search engine along with the country they might residing in. Always put quotes around the persons name so that only that exact name will show up in the search results. Otherwise, you'll end up with thousands upon thousands of search result pages with the person's first name and last name somewhere on the page although maybe not connected.

Also, if you happen to know the city the person may reside in also include that city along with the country and the persons name in an Internet search. If you do not find what you are looking for on the first few pages of search results, or the likely the search you did was not focused enough. Use the search engines advanced search features to narrow down the webpages. For example, if you know the person has only lived within that country for the past three years, use the advanced search function features within the search engine to always specify pages that have been created within the last three years. This dramatically reduces the number of search results since without performing this filter you could end up with pages that were created 15 years ago or longer.

Just like in the United States, other countries have private investigation services available for finding missing people. For those asking, "how can I find a person", again, you can go online and do some searching for private investigators in a given country and find contact information for these private investigators. Most of them have online contact means which don't require long-distance and overseas telephone calls. Talk with them first about her success rates for finding missing people and then their rates. In many cases, these private investigators and other countries are far less expensive than those that may be found in the United States. Remember, to find a person for free, using a private investigator in the United States can often cost quite a bit more than hiring one locally in the country for which the person may live.


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