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By: Dirik Hameed
Electronic cigarettes and e-liquid are now becoming more and more popular because of the current ban on smoking in public places in many different countries. With an electronic cigarette you can now smoke almost everywhere be it in restaurants, buses, or even in the house considering that during winter one has to walk out into the freezing cold to smoke. Another great thing about it is that non-smokers around you won't have to worry about second hand smoke. Instead of smoke, electronic cigarettes release water vapor that is odorless and harmless. This vapor takes very few seconds to disappear.

Another name for electronic cigarettes is e-pipes or e-cigars. It's a healthier alternative to the traditional cigarette since it doesn't emit any of the harmful smoke. E-cigarettes vaporize e-liquid that is usually glycerin filled in order to produce the aerosol mist. The vaporization is usually done through heating or ultra-sonics. These e-cigars have been made to look like the actual smoking instrument s like pipes, cigarettes or cigars although nowadays they are being designed to look like screwdrivers or ballpoint pens. These designs are currently being preferred because the elements required for an electronic cigarette to work can easily fit within them, a cartomiser for example. Most of these devices are also reusable and refillable. This is very convenient for the user and reduces wastage. But some e-cigarettes are still designed for one use only.

The original target market of electronic cigarettes are the people who want to quit smoking. It was designed to give the sensation of smoking tobacco without any of the health risks. This can also be used by those who continue smoking but want to reduce the effects that smoking the normal tobacco cigarette bring on a person's health. This because they do not contain any of the many carcinogens which are more than 4000 contained in tobacco filled cigarettes.

E-cigarettes all function the same way, although their design may vary depending on the manufacturer. They can also be easily found in a number of retailers, malls or any other store. They normally come with a manual that describes how they are used. Each e-cigarette comes with it battery, atomizer, and cartridge.

Before anything else, you should charge the battery. All the parts should then be put atop a clean piece of cloth. Once you've aligned the battery and atomizer as instructed, you can now put in a prefilled cartridge. It's important not to let the atomizer overheat; wait until there is little to no vapor coming out. You may need to refill your cartridge, depending on your consumption rate. The good thing is that these liquid used to fill the cartridge comes in flavors like even vanilla. This can be said to be of the best inventions.


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