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By: Mary Webb
Opening any business can be tricky. Owning a flower shop is no different. It has been a difficult economy over recent years, with many businesses tightening their belts, or even closing. But now people are looking for new opportunities and if your heart is in the florist business, opening a flower shop is what you should do. Even during a recession, there are opportunities to be found.

If you are willing to be innovative and get a good grasp of reading your market, you can even expand and grow a business during these times. When opening a flower shop get some good advice - general advice about running a small business. There are people who specialise in how to open up a shop. They will help you with layout, tills, tax requirements, staffing and lease requirements.

When times are challenging many people give up. They find it too hard to keep their businesses going. Starting up a business with a fresh attitude and enthusiasm can be great fun! There's a whole new market out there for those who want it.

You have probably been arranging flowers and working for someone else in the industry for some time, and you feel you have the ability to run your own business. Believe in yourself! Visualise yourself owning a flower shop and running a successful business.

You must take action. Sometimes it's hard for a small business owner to keep up the enthusiasm. Find support from other people who also run small businesses. There are industry bodies to get involved in - many of the people involved in these will be running their own florist businesses. Also get involved with other business groups - each town has a federation or organisation representing all sizes, sectors, and regions of business - for example, your local Chamber of Commerce.

Whilst starting your business, you will be so busy with the day to day tasks that are needed, that it will be very difficult to keep an overall view of your growning business. Before you start, write a marketing plan of how you see your business growing and the various areas you want to develop into. This is important to write down and do before you start the detail work, as it gives you a document to come back to after opening your flower shop business, which will often ground you and remind you of the direction you wish to go.

Feel the excitement of owning a flower shop and managing your own business!


Don't know where to look when opening and owning a flower shop? Check out some great marketing ideas for florists on our website - Also see our video on youtube
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