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By: Steve Weber
Training your dog offers more important benefits and simply getting him or her to complete the tasks you ask. Dog training offers the opportunity to calm a hyperactive dog down and provide more discipline in his everyday life. The training as far more benefits than just the actual task involves which is being trained.

Teaching your dog to sit is one of the first training commands you may wish to accomplish. This is a simple training method which any dog owner can teach their dog. Do not begin the process of teaching a dog to sit until the dog is 8 to 12 months old. Young dogs are just too rambunctious for this type of training.

To begin with, find some dog treats that your dog really likes and which can be stored in your pocket for easy access. One of my favorite treats for dog training or the cheese puffballs which can be purchased in any supermarket. There is no need to buy the brand name products; the inexpensive generic brands are just as well-liked by your dog as the expensive kind.

Stock your pockets with the treats, fasten a leash to your dog's collar and head out the door into the front yard. Walk him or her around for a while to burn off any excess energy. Training is always easy when a dog is a bit tired. Depending on the animal, it may require a long walk before the training session even begins.

Walk the dog to the center of the yard and stop. It's best to make him sit by simply pushing his rear to the ground if he is not yet been trained to that command. If he is obeyed her command to set, of course offer him a treat right away with some your rubbing. Now then, slacken the leash so there is no tension it and hold the palm of your hand and for the dog's face and at the same time say with a firm word: stay.

At that point keep a hold of the leash but gently walk backwards one or two steps while extending the palm of your hand still pointing towards the dogs face. If the dog remained sitting there even for a moment immediately returned to him and praise him I giving him a cheese puff and petting his ears. Repeat this process several times it seems to be working well.

In the beginning you will hold onto the leash all simply backing up a step or two. But as the dog progresses, you obviously get to the point really to drop the leash and step back three or four places. Gradually increase the distance and the time the dog is required to sit there before praising him. Do this for approximately 10 min. each day for the first week. Gradually you can work up a time to 15 or 20 min. of training each day. Also, over the coming weeks and months you'll find you build walk farther and farther from the dog and keep him or her sitting there for longer periods of time. Almost all dogs are easily trainable in this fashion.


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