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By: Steve Weber
Only since the advent of the Internet are you able to find a person without having to pay anything. The search engines today make it extremely easy for finding missing people online simply by inputting their first and last names, and perhaps her last known address or phone number, into one of the many available search engines that scar the web an index all the many pages online.

It's advisable one uses one of the top search engines for these operations as they have larger databases which include more available pages. If your favorite search engine happens to be one of the smaller ones, and you may not be as successful. And even among the large search engines, it's also advisable to input the same search string into the top three or four search engines. Not all search engines will yield the same results for the same searches.

Although these searches using the search engines online are completely free of charge, if the persons name you're looking for is extremely common, it may be difficult to narrow down the list and find that exact person unless you have other details which you can include in the search. The more information you can include about the person in the search along with their first and last names, the more likely you are to get an accurate search for that missing person.

If all the free methods of using the search engines online fail to turn up the person you are looking for, another alternative method for finding lost people is using one of the many paid services available online. All these paid services require you to input your credit card information before beginning the search. However, most of them will not charge your credit card unless a successful search is completed for that missing person. Be sure and study their terms of service which will describe exactly how and when they will charge your credit card for a completed search.

Your idea and their idea of a completed search may be two different things. You need to make sure that a completed search includes the information about the specific person whom you are searching for. Also, another good idea to do before paying for a service is to simply contact their helpdesk and ask them some questions. If their helpdesk is very responsive and fast in the replies you can have more confidence in using the service as they may take care of any possible customer service issues that may arise.

With some patients it's possible to find that person you are looking for without having to pay a dime. Simply input some thoughtful searches into the search engines and check the results carefully. Nine times out of ten, the person you are looking for will be in those results.


Visit us online for more information about how you can find a person for free using simple search engine technology or one of the many paid services available on the web.
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