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By: Jamie Simpson
Jeans are a favourite fashion staple for most people in western culture. The key to finding the best fit for you is to first identify your body type and then buy pants that accentuate your assets and masks your problem areas. With so many different styles to choose from, it is important to buy the style that fits your shape best. With low rise, high rise, boot cut, skinny, and flared denim options to select from, you can usually find the perfect pair that complements your shape.

Athletic Body Shape

For a straight body type or athletic-shaped woman with narrow hips, a flat butt and no waistline, recommended denim styles include low rise pants for short waisted figures and high waisted pants for long waisted body types. Curves can be accentuated with higher rise styles and a contoured waistband. Another fashion secret to be used by women with this body type is to buy lighter denim colours or faded shades of blue that accent the legs and knees to draw attention to shapely thighs. Large pockets can make the rear end look fuller.


Pear-shaped women with round hips and a defined waistline look best with flared legs or boot-cut denim pants. Boot-cut is typically the best choice. Darker colours and stretch fabrics are recommended for a slimming effect. Low pockets are best avoided by women of this body type since it visually shortens the legs.

Hourglass Body Type

The hourglass body type with proportional curves and a definite waistline should consider styles that run tight and straight through the hip area and down past the thighs to the knee area. Having a flare at the end of the legs is the best look for the hourglass figure. It is noteworthy that fashion professionals design jeans for this body type. Designer denim wear looks particularly stylish on the curvy hourglass figure. A low rise cut should be considered for anyone who is short waisted.


Women with an apple-shaped figure who carry a lot of weight in the middle face a particularly difficult challenge when selecting denim fashion wear. Wide waistbands can be helpful for waist support. Pants should fall below the belly button. This figure type is one of the hardest to fit and might consider custom made denim wear options. Stretch fabric typically makes any garment fit better.

Fashion rules of thumb to remember when buying clothes is that darker denim is slimming and should be worn by women interested in appearing smaller. Pockets and seams also impact the attractiveness of jeans and how well they fit. Big back pockets should only be worn by women with slim or flat rear-ends. To find the best fit, a woman must be honest about her physical assets and the areas of her body she would rather play down. Short waisted women should wear low rise pants to elongate the body. Long waisted women should wear high waisted pants assuming they are not trying to play down large hips.


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