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By: Stuart Wood
Many people believe that it is difficult to save money while at the supermarket. This is not necessarily something that is extremely difficult to do nor does it take excessive amounts of time. With a few simple steps, great savings can easily be had when purchasing groceries.

1. Online Shopping

There are now a number of different websites where one can do all of the weekly grocery shopping. The sites are quite convenient as it eliminates the need to go to the store. Depending on the site, these will often compare the major grocery stores and even show potential savings by going with one option over the other. Online shopping is certainly not for everyone, but may provide the savvy shopper with good deals.

2. Shop Around

It is easy to become comfortable with a local and familiar grocery store. The location of products and every aisle is memorized, so shopping in the favorite store is a breeze. Unfortunately, this store may not always offer the best prices. Occasionally check out what competitors are offering. If this means going to a few stores to get the best deals, then this is necessary.

3. Use Those Coupons

One area where many people get frustrated would be through the use of coupons. One does not have to be fanatical when coupon clipping. By keeping an eye on newspapers and magazine adverts, one should be able to accumulate a substantial amount of savings. You can also use websites that offer Voucher Codes and Cahback offers too.

4. Avoid the Impulse Items

Near the till, most grocery stores feature a number of impulse items. These small items such as magazines and candy are not essential and can easily detract from savings one might have accumulated. If a grocery store features a till lane that is candy and product free, choose this one when the possible.

5. Shop on a Full Stomach

When hungry, unnecessary items are often purchased. Snacks and junk food can easily end up in the trolley when one shops on an empty stomach. Eat before going to the store and if shopping with children, bring along snacks so that they are content and calm while there.

6. Purchase the Store Brands

Many times, the generic or store brands will be significantly cheaper than the national or name brand products. These will usually taste just as good, so there is often no reason to spend the extra money on the more expensive yet similar product. The only exception would be when the name brand product is on sale.


Buy one get one free promotions are a great way to save money at the supermarket. Whenever these are offered, one should always take advantage of the promotion as long as the items are regularly used. And if the promotion is for something that is never purchased, do not buy it.

8. Ask for a Raincheck

Grocery stores will usually have a limited supply of the items that are on sale. Depending on the policy of the store, one may be able to get a rain check for that particular item. When it returns into stock, one can finally take advantage of the previous sale. Many people do not take advantage of this option.

9. Shopping at a Warehouse Store

A warehouse store that features items in bulk will generally have great deals on most products. These stores can save a person quite a bit as long as one has appropriate space in the home to store the purchases. Also, comparison shopping should be done before making purchases here. Do not assume that everything is always going to be cheaper than at the local grocery store.

10. Become a Loyalty Club Member

Most every grocery store offers a rewards program or has some type of loyalty club. If not a member, one is missing out on significant savings. These clubs will offer exclusive savings, extra coupons and other perks. Most clubs are free to join, so there is no reason not to sign up.

Saving at the grocery store is something that anyone can easily do. It simply takes a small amount of time and dedication to find the best deals and promotions. With some coupon clipping and smart shopping, the monthly grocery bill is sure to be smaller.


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