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By: Jamie Simpson
A good healthy level of office productivity is something that any business needs to cultivate. An office environment can either be one that is happy, humming with activity, and productive as a bee hive or slow, nervous, depressed, and inefficient. Often it may fall somewhere in between. The question of how to maximize the productivity thus comes into play. The following are some tips on making your office as productive as it can be.


Organisation is primary for any office. There are a number of different tasks to be taken care of in an office environment and they tend to function at maximum productivity and efficiency when there is good organisation. With this in mind, you need to make sure that the entire office workflow is well organised. Note that this extends to the electronic data on servers and computers as well as to the physical office environment. Make sure electronic data is well organised and clear, with good folder hierarchies and general cleanliness of work pages and interfaces. The office itself should have easy to access file cabinets, rolodex number mini-files, adequate office machines, and as little clutter as possible. Take those piles of papers and do something with them - either file them appropriately or throw them out. Simply cleaning up work surfaces can go a long way toward promoting a sense of organisation, and thereafter it is just a question of putting things in their right places and categories.

Employee Coaching

Employee coaching is a well-known technique that can work wonders for productivity in offices with many employees. In this type of scenario a senior member of the staff works directly with some junior staff member in an instructive capacity. This promotes good communication, imparts valuable tips to increase the employee's performance, and puts managers and trainers in closer touch with the office staff. All of this facilitates productivity.

Good Office Temperature

Believe it or not, having an office at the right temperature can increase productivity significantly. If an office is too cold employees may feel uncomfortable, spend time rubbing their hands together, take frequent coffee breaks, and so on. If it is too hot they may become lethargic, sleepy, or even dehydrated. You want your employees to feel very comfortable for maximum productivity, so make sure to really offer them the right types of environments from a temperature standpoint. For cold temperatures, electric heaters are a great solution if the office or building happens to be on the cold side. They can be installed permanently or placed around the office and generate that extra amount of heat that brings the office to the perfect temperature. Electric heaters come in any different shapes, sizes, and price ranges, so ones that will suit virtually any office can be found fairly easily. Hot temperatures can obviously be remedied with air conditioners in the summer and with simply turning down the heat in the winter.

Good Use of Space

The right use of office space is very important. Crowded office spaces where people have trouble walking around, getting by each other and getting access to office machines does not help productivity. An office that is well furnished and laid out spatially will prevent this type of thing. Go for the right balance of easy accessibility and circulation with enough desks, surfaces, and office machines so that employees do not have to wait too long to use them.

Friendly and Inspiring General Atmosphere

Finally and possibly most important there is the question of the general atmosphere. A friendly and upbeat office environment is the best overall tone to implement and leads to the best productivity. People work hard when they are inspired, feel liked and appreciated, and feel that they can communicate well. Electric heaters create the warmth from a temperature standpoint, but it is up to the office managers and business owners to create interpersonal warmth and brightness.


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