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By: Mark Etinger
A backup camera system is comprised of two main parts: the camera lens that attaches to the vehicle's back (usually the bumper) and the dashboard mounted screen. They are useful for big vehicles because they correct the limited vision you often get. Mirrors cannot capture everything going on behind the vehicle, and this is especially true in the case of longer vehicles. Backups can be tricky, and in crowded or claustrophobic spacing, quite dangerous for drivers and pedestrians alike. You can avoid a lot of trouble just by having a good quality vehicle backup camera installed.

Bigger vehicles, like commercial cargo trucks, industrial vehicles, and transit buses need to be really careful when reversing. Having a limited scope of vision is a lawsuit waiting to happen. It's in the company and driver's best interest to have a truck backup camera installed to prevent any potential problems. Cargo trucks and transit buses are always in high volume places. When stopping to drop off people or products the drivers will need to have a crystal clear view. Pedestrian vehicles and docking stations at store locations need to be highly visible. Having the dashboard mounted screen gaurantees an accurate view and gives you a better perspective on the distance.

Insustrial vehicles are in places with enough distraction as it is. You can't be craning your neck all the time to ensure the path is clear. It just is not feasible when you have to keep your eye on heavy or sensitive materials, like those carried by forklifts. It's also bad for the neck. Industrial workers are already at high risk for injury. Having a commercial backup camera system installed in each vehicle will lessen the tally of workers on disability leave.

Let's not forget emergency vehicles. Quick response requires some pretty smooth driving skills. Having the roads cleared is one thing, but stopping at the location to receive the injured patient is another. A backup camera system will cut down the time it takes to prepare the vehicle at the pick-up. With each second holding great importance, how can you go without state-of-the-art technology?

Pedestrian vehicles such as motor homes can benefit from the use of a RV back up camera system.A state of the art system can handle rugged weather and provide perfect coverage behind the vehicle. Reversing in motor home lots has never been easier. They're a great gift for avid travelers and camping fans. When you consider the amount of families with kids that travel by car on vacations to sight-see it's scary to think not everyone has a reliable camera system installed.

Backup camera systems can be used for a multitude of vehicles. They make roads, parking lots, and other venues safer for everyone.

------------------------------ is your source for commercial truck, trailer, and RV back up camera systems -- we even do boats! Our vehicle backup camera technology has already helped thousands of autos reverse safely, including school buses, emergency vehicles, charter buses, cargo trucks, houseboats, and forklifts. Visit our blog at
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