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By: Erika Dell
Here is a little bit of info about the product in review: 100 Day Loans is a payday loan business that claims to give secured loans to just about anybody, especially people with a poor credit record. The 100 day loan site was built in 2009 and has processed and loaned small amounts of cash to over 1 million people. Currently you can borrow up to $5000 over a period of 100 days, the price for their loans are said to be the lowest price in the industry. This is because of the vast number of lenders they work with, which means you get the cheapest money advances around.

The costs vary depending on which state you live in and also the time period you borrow for, the cheapest loan would cost you about $15 for lending $100. All of the costs for taking out the loan are clearly displayed, so you do not have to worry about any menacing charges, unlike some other less than honorable lenders.

100 day loans is not a fake program, it does however have a few shortcomings, in which we will try and explain. Generally 100 day loans is it very agreeable. We first hit upon this money advances company when reveiwing another payday loan site. I can across 100 day loans while I was checking out on Google.

Is 100 day loans a Scam? This question is asked a few times. Here is what we found in regards to search of 100 day loans being a scam. When reviewing it we were very cautious at first, its hard to trust anyone and anything these days. Especially if you run a low budget website like ours. Let's Begin.

It was the initial time I have applied for a 100 day cash loan. The loan for $300 cost me $44 to be exact. Although my decision to buy wasn't exactly well thought out, it got me through Christmas ;-

In spite of my initial anxieties, we are fairly happy that we came across 100 day loans from the huge quantity of other fast cash advances companies.

This is how the loan process begins:

We did not call them on the phone.

1st: We just filled the form in took about 3 minutes and then I pressed the magic submit button! After pressing submit I sat there deciding if the review was worth it, and if I had done the right thing, because nothing happened….. for about 2 minutes. Then crap…. all of a sudden my gmail account went mental!

*IMPORTANT TIP* Get a gmail account for this or it will fill your email account.

Hundreds of payday loan online approvals started coming into my inbox! All for 100 day loans. Not 14 day loans or 1 week loans.

Now this frightened me in the beginning, I began thinking I had just given my bank details to the Mafioso or something, but when I opened the emails they were just legit companies offering me a cash advances for 100 day loans. Now, the sorting process started. How much it would cost and what I needed to do to get it was my next step. So Ilooked through about ten of them and found the one that had the lowest price, gave them a call and I had my money in 3 hours! With 100 days to pay, a real 100 day loan.

I have now paid back the moolah and everything is fabulous, I would use them again if this 100 day loans review site doesn't get traffic. Just remember if you do use this company, make sure to use a secondary email address or maybe create a new one. The sheer multitude of all the no fax loan company emails is a little scary. I am sure you would prefer if one hundred day loans told you about this before we voluntarily click on the submit button. This though is the only headache that we at 100 day loans review . com can see. So if you use your secondary email you will be copacetic.

So what I have honestly learned is that one hundred day loans are not actually a pay day loan company, they are in fact a online payday loan company that sends your details to lots and lots of money institutions. This means you get the best available rate. In fact we would recommend that you fill out the form on their site before you take out any payday loan online, because this is the least complicated way to see how much all the different companies charge.

Personally, I actually had a cheaper price through one hundred day loans than the price quoted to me when I went into the online payday loan shop down the road from where I live, much more cheaper!

I do recommend trying out the official one hundred day loan company, but make sure you apply with your secondary email address because of all the bulk mailing offers that you receive. Please visit our site for the goods! Thank You.


Getting an personal loan or a cash advance is not always your idea of securing funds. The resources that are out there are usually very expensive and don always fix what needs being fixed. Emergencies in life happen but its good to know there are resources and options available. Just start here =>
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