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By: Adriana Noton
A criminal lawyer is someone you hope to never need. They are very important should you ever get in trouble with the law. This legal representative provides professional assistance to those people who are in the need of legal defense through criminal charges being laid against them.

These people are professionals and also known as defence attorneys. They have the job of defending someone arrested and charged in local or state courts. Their tasks will depend on the charges and what is required to best represent and defend their client.

They are the mouth, ears and eyes of a client. Using their training in legal matters, they need to do their best to refute the charges made against their client. This will involve getting together with the client prior to the court proceedings and ascertaining all the details of any charges and the client's version of these events.

It is the lawyer's job to get all the facts and discuss them with the client. As they are to be the voice for the client they need to find out different things. They need to know about any witnesses and information that may help them to defend the person. Witnesses must be questioned and statements from police and detectives involved in the case, collected. Any further information that may be relevant, like bank statements and receipts collected at the time of the incident, will add to a good defence.

After gathering all the information, the lawyer needs to study the case and ascertain the line of defence needed. During the process the defendant will be required to answer questions by the police and the legal representative needs to be present to advise the individual on what information they should freely give and when they should make no comment.

The legal formalities required for a trial are very important and it is the job of the attorney handling the defense to ensure this process is followed correctly on behalf of the accused. They will have to question witnesses to either disprove or prove their recollection of an event along with convincing the jury the defendant did not commit this particular crime. If unable to convince the jury on their client's innocence, then they have to downplay the level of the person's involvement.

At the evidence stage of trial proceedings defence attorneys will be required to give a closing argument to the jury, summarizing the case to them in a way that leaves no doubt that the accused is innocent. The closing argument is very important as this information and the way it is presented may sway those members of the jury that are unsure. In this way they can exonerate their client.

If the criminal lawyer does a good job then their client will be acquitted and there is not further need for them. If a guilty verdict is returned, there is more work to be done for the attorney. He will need to argue on the length and severity of a possible sentence to be handed down, trying to get the lightest possible punishment for a client.


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