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By: Adriana Noton
The necessity of warehouse pallet racking becomes obvious when a business realizes how much room they can actually save not to mention the added safety it brings. Stacking goods on the warehouse floor and in tall piles can be a very dangerous practice. Using shelving systems makes the stacking process safer and much more accessible.

First impressions are that racking or shelving is a waste of space but the practicalities show this not to be true. Single groups of different items can be stacked individually on the shelving giving quick easy access. Stacking individual stacks of boxes on the floor with the additional room required for access uses a lot of costly square footage and also removes the possibility of stacking to any height.

When storing multiple boxes of one item type if access is required to individual items it is always necessary to keep one open pallet on the floor. This is very wasteful of space as the boxes are uneven and cannot be stacked in any way. With racking the full containers can go above and the open packages can be at ground level.

With shelving that is properly secured to the floor it is possible to stack heavy items high up. This is not always possible when stacking loose pallets one on top of the other as the weight causes the bottom boxes to sag and bow, breaking cartons and often their contents. This in turn causes the top boxes to lean and possibly even fall given time.

Even light pallets are hard to stack on top of each other. The boxes may not fill the wooden base leaving empty spaces at the edges where the next base needs to sit. Whatever the weight of the containers the goods at the bottom of the pile will be susceptible to damage with the weight of containers on top and fragile goods such as glass or pottery can not be stacked at all.

Shelving gives much more freedom of access to the goods. This system allows pallets with three different content types to be stacked above each other allowing access to all three sets of products. Boxes can be open and uneven without any consequence to the other packaging. This could not be achieved with the containers stacked on the floor.

It is also much safer for staff and other people in the area if shelving is secured and used properly as each pallet is individually supported. When pallets sit on top of each other the chance of movement due to the weight compression is greatly increased. Any such movement could lead to a container falling damaging both its contents and anyone passing by at the time.

This clearly explains the necessity of warehouse pallet racking for practical, financial and safety reasons. It is both cost effective in accessibility and floor space making the most of the available square footage. Finally the chance to reduce the possibility of someone being badly injured by falling goods has to be a large consideration in any decision making process.


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