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By: Adriana Noton
When a factory or manufacturer arranges their products within their warehouse, they will do this in a very organized manner by using warehouse pallet racking systems. These heavy-duty steel structures will allow them to stack materials neatly in rows of multiple levels and the result is the maximization of space.

This technique basically allows for stacking of many pallets within the same floor space that would typically be occupied by only one pallet, and that's why it's regarded as an excellent solution for those who have limited storage. It also permits storing goods and arranging them very neatly to make it a lot easier for future distribution to customers. The method is also commonly used in large supermarkets and retailers, or other businesses who are storing a lot of items.

These type shelves are generally manufactured of steel or metal as they must be very strong and durable in order to hold industrial goods and products, for example large televisions, refrigerators and other heavy appliances. Usually they will be divided up into categories depending upon the weight of the items to be loaded.

Light duty shelving are normally made of aluminum as their main function would be the storage of goods which are much lighter such as medical supplies and electronic parts. Because of this they can be moved much more easily if ever needed. Medium duty shelves are perfect for businesses such as automobile parts and supplies and are a little more heavy duty then the lighter version.

Those which are classified as heavy duty are specially designed to store goods or food items that come in much larger boxes and these will have the ability to withstand several tons. These systems are very easy to add more shelving in order to expand to accommodate more items as the business grows. Another benefit is that they will perform well in every environment including those which are very cold such as refrigerated areas.

Most businesses today are constantly trying to find new ways to improve their productivity along with reducing costs. That's why this type of system has been the choice of many kinds of industries and has been in use for numerous decades. A few advantages would include maximizing storage space, improved safety, reduced labor costs as well as much easier accessibility to the goods.

There are many manufacturers that can be easily found on the Internet as almost all will have a website set up for their potential clients to look at the different sizes and strengths that are being offered. Some might even supply used shelving or can produce customized stacks in order to meet your storage requirements. Always take into consideration not just the costs, but also the stability and durability along with safety of the structures you are considering.

For those needing more industrial storage this is a perfect solution and will help your business in many different ways. You will quickly find that the extra available warehouse space will provide a much more organized and efficient work area.


The warehouse shelving Toronto business offers customers improved storage solutions. It assists customers with the process of inventory management.
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