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By: Kevin Morris
Judging by the explosion of mobile job search app downloads ('s free job search apps have already surpassed 1,000,000 downloads), mobile job search is a fast-growing trend with enormous potential for improving the job search process.

If you're looking to simplify your job search, reach a broader audience, and gain an edge on your competition, here are 10 ways that going mobile can improve your job search:

1. On-The-Go Access. Whether you're at work, home, the airport, beach, kids soccer game or stuck in traffic, you have instant access to the latest jobs and career opportunities right in the palm of your hand. And it's available practically everywhere 24/7.

2. Push Notification. Download free apps that notify you when new job postings come available. Which takes us to the next mobile job search advantage …

3. Timeliness. Get a jump on your competition by responding to job opportunities the instant they become available. Recruiters and hiring managers become desensitized after receiving hundreds of resumes from unsuitable job candidates, so getting your resume to employers right after a job posts can be a significant advantage.

4. Improved Efficiency. Why wait until you're in front of your computer screen to review job openings and respond to great career opportunities? That limits your job search to time spent staring into your computer screen. Your smartphone's available wherever you are and at virtually anytime, making any time an opportunity to job search.

5. Discrete Job Search. We generally have two options in our job search: search from work or search from home. If you're currently employed, searching from the office on your employer's computer is not a wise option. The alternative, searching from home, limits your job search and potential opportunities. The solution: search from your own personal smartphone. You'll be able to search during business hours, receive timely notifications, and instantly respond to opportunities.

6. Increased Opportunities. In addition to receiving and instantly responding to new career opportunities, going mobile enables you to reach more recruiters and hiring managers. How so? Because they're just as mobile as you. They aren't sitting in front of computer's sourcing candidates, they're at work, home, the airport, beach, kids soccer game and stuck in traffic just like you. The job market is going mobile at both ends (job seekers and employers), and solutions are being built every day to accommodate a rapidly growing mobile job market. Which leads us to…

7. Recruitment Strategies are Going Mobile. While still in its infancy, many companies are adopting mobile recruitment strategies to better connect with mobile job seekers. This means employers are beginning to cater to mobile job seekers in ways that leave old-fashioned job search practices behind. The big job boards and innovative startups are building sophisticated job search apps and looking for ways to attract more sophisticated, mobile job candidates. According to one Morgan Stanley analyst report, by 2014 more Internet searches will be conducted on mobile devices than on computers. The result: mobile recruitment strategies become the mainstay of global hiring practices.

8. Recruiting Platforms are Going Mobile. Companies are investing in new ways to manage their recruiting, interviewing and hiring practices and mobile platforms are beginning to emerge. One such platform, HireVue, offers a mobile recruitment management application allowing employers to review, rate and compare candidates from any mobile device. Thus, if they're reviewing your profile and need more information on you, they're likely to search from their mobile devices. If you've already optimized your job search for a mobile audience, then you'll be easier to find and hire than your competition.

9. Better Search Engine Results. When you go mobile, you're expanding your online presence and generating more search results directly related to your search criteria. The result: when integrated with highly ranking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and others, you dramatically increase your search results and help ensure that the most flattering information comes up highest in search results. In essence, you control the message employers receive, and that can pay huge dividends in your job search.

10. Tailored Job Search. Job search meets your mobile lifestyle when you go mobile. With its built in technology, your smartphone helps you locate career opportunities in your immediate area wherever that area might be. If you're on a business trip or vacation and want to check the local job opportunities, your smartphone can detect your location and enable job search apps to push you results in the immediate area or geographical region without having to manually update your search criteria.

As you can see, a mobile job search is simpler, more efficient, and more productive than yesterday's approaches. You can also think of it as the logical extension of your mobile lifestyle and the fastest growing opportunity in today's job market.


Kevin Morris of CareerMobile is pioneering the mobile job search and making it easier for recruiters and hiring directors to find and hire you. To discover more free advice on running your own mobile job search, go to now.
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