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By: Adriana Noton
Sometimes when a case goes to trial, it becomes necessary to seek the opinion of a certified professional. This opinion is necessary for establishing certain facts of a case and to give the party that calls the specialist an upper hand. Most professionals try as much as possible to be objective when giving their opinion and this enhances their credibility before the Judge and more importantly, before the jury. They are called expert witnesses and are authorities in their fields. Authorities come from various fields including dental expert witness.

A dental specialist witness is also known as a medical specialist witness, although this term covers the whole medical profession. His role is to look into the facts of the case and interpret those aspects that are technical and understandable only by someone in his particular field. They are often used in civil malpractice cases to show how a particular action of another dentist was to the detriment of the plaintiff. The testimony of a specialist has been known in many cases, to swing the decision of a jury in favor of the party that called the specialist. Even though the plaintiff usually makes use of professionals more, the defense can also call them to prove that the defendant did nothing wrong and showed every standard of care.

An authority of this sort is sometimes used for forensic evidence in a legal case which touches upon the field of dentistry. In criminal cases, they are sometimes called upon to identify a deceased person by the dentition which is unique to everyone. Sometimes, they are used simply to explain some technical detail which others outside the field of dentistry would have a hard time understanding otherwise.

They are also used to give expert evidence about a product or service liability especially where there is a suit filed by a party alleging that the product or service of a certain manufacturer was responsible for some harm caused. In such cases, the testimony of the professional could go either way, either supporting the case of the plaintiff or giving weight to the testimony of the defense.

When making use of a medical professional for expert testimony, it is important to make use of one who is well respected among peers and a good reputation for giving unbiased opinion. The evidence of such a person would hold more sway with the Judge and Jury.

Sometimes a case is won or lost on some fact that was not totally clear to the jury; this is where a physician specialist witness comes in. Actually, it is always recommended that an authority in the relevant field be sought where there is a fact or technicality which needs to be cleared up for better understanding. This also applies to the medical field.

It also goes without saying that an expert witness in the medical field should have the requisite education to interpret facts in an unbiased way and give sound medical testimony in the relevant field. Such a person should possess the ability to distinguish between fact and opinion and that should be reflected in the evidence given.

Finding a good professional should not be too challenging as there are many specialist witness services with good reputations, known for providing top physician expert witnesses to attorneys. It is important to make sure that they are good at what they do because there are times when the testimony of an expert witness can make or break a case.


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