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By: Adriana Noton
Fine furniture has a number of features that distinguish it from other types. It is beautiful and functional at the same time, and it is durable enough to last a lifetime. It can be recognized instantly as being of high quality. Here are a few of the features that make fine furniture what it is.

Furnishings of high quality must be made from materials of high quality. A material is considered to be high in quality if it is both durable and beautiful, among other things. It cannot be easily broken or even flimsy. It must be able to stay in its intended form, keeping both its strength and its good looks. The types of materials that high-quality furnishings are constructed from are also very aesthetically pleasing, so they make attractive pieces of furniture.

Wood is a very popular material for making furnishings of superior quality. To be considered really good quality, the piece must be made of solid wood, not particle board covered with a veneer. There are also distinctions between different kinds of wood. Cherry and walnut, for example, tend to be more expensive than other woods because they are so highly prized for making things. This is due to their durability and their attractiveness.

Besides wood, all other materials used to make high-end furnishing also need to be of high quality. For example, upholstered furniture must utilize a beautiful, strong textile that feels nice to touch. Certain fabrics and authentic leather are popularly used for fine pieces like this. In addition, any hardware or other parts of the pieces should meet the same standards of durability and beauty.

Other than the materials, quality craftsmanship is also very important. A poorly crafted piece made out of high-quality materials is not considered luxurious, even though the correct materials were used. The furnishings should be so well-built that they appear flawless. They should be built solidly enough that they will stay in good shape even after decades of use. The upholstery should also be attached with an expert hand.

Truly fine pieces can be of any style. It is often thought that this kind of furniture must be traditional in style, but that is false. High-end furnishings can be traditional, modern, or any other style, as long as they are made well, out of good materials.

It is not unusual for luxury furnishings to be ornately carved or detailed in some other way. Though some modern styles require a more sleek, simplistic look, they will still be distinguishable from mass-produced pieces that contain few details. Someone will have spent a good amount of time skillfully putting this piece together with care, and that will show. This is especially true with wooden pieces that have lots of decorative carving.

Fine furniture may seem like it can refer to anything, but the term is intended to describe only the highest quality furnishings. Many stores may claim the term, but often they are using it incorrectly. Furnishings of this caliber are expertly constructed and beautifully designed to last a lifetime.


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