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By: Eric White

How do you build a rock solid downline? Support for you and your team is vitally important. I have seen the results of trying to do it alone and it doesnt get you far. When you are planning to join a network marketing oganisation you want to find one that will offer great support, this can be the most part of your business. More important that the compensation plan, though we want a good plan :-). One company providing both is a new group called CashReadyIntl. Details can be found later in the article. Now let me share a few reasons why I place so much weight on the support systems?

1. Avoid the high dropout rates It has been said that the majority of affiliates for internet marketing systems seldom make any money. The statistics show in fact that in the range of 80-90 percent of people who pay good money out to a system or program make very little or no money at all. Many do some advertising for 30 or 60 days. Have no success and give up in despair. They drop it and go looking for another one that works. They repeat this process over and over. Have you ever herd someone say, is rubbish, looked really good but I never made any money! Maybe you have said or thought something similar!

I know that I am guilty of this. I didnt know until I did it five or six times that there must be something else that is wrong

2. Get them while their hot When people first join an opportunit'y they are excited and enthusiastic. If people could get the help they needed at the time they were interested and involved they just may have had some success and with that grown a business that works.
3. Find out how you can almost guarante'e your success It doesnt mater how many people you refer! Just 1 or fifty people. (fifty is better) :-)

The only reason you are not successful in a multilevel marketing venture is because you couldnt help or be helped in the task of getting your down-line a down-line. It does not mater how many people you introduce to an opportunit'y, it matters how many you keep;

if your down-line does not get any referrals you have little or no chance!


IF you can help your referrals get their own referrals .

Your odds of success go through the roof. Let me see if I can explain.

4. Tale of two marketers
The tale of marketers Jim and Jill Imagine this you have Jim the keen marketer, he spends money on advertising and works hard to generate 50 referrals, wow that is great. But he spends no time on helping anyone, its every man and woman for them selves right. After 30 days 28 have dropped out, the rest follow the second month.
Jim has to consider his position, should I spend all that money on advertising again? Now imagine Jill. Jill found a system that has a million support tools and lots of assistance to get her started. Jill found two people who signed up for the program because Jill was able to talk about all the support she had. Jill straight away starts to help her referrals, to teach them how to get two people also. The training is structured to show each person how important it is to train your two new recruits. It takes approximately 2 weeks to train up the new people and help them get their efforts started. After Jill found two referrals and got them started she continued to help every new person in her team's down-line. In this example Jill did not chase any more personal referrals. After the same 60 days that was Jim's nightmare, Jill has 16 people in the team. Eight of these people already have people working for them! I will say that bit again because it is critical. Eight of Jills team has down line members reducing the risk of dropout. Think about it, if you introduce people to your opportunit'y you will feel a responsibility to stick with it as well as the excitement of potential growth. You have introduced someone to this new system, you are going to give it your commitment to prove that you were giving good advice. If this pattern of support and motivation were to continue for 26 weeks Jill would have a team of 8,000. 4000 of these people will have down line members and can see the possibility of more in the future. Now reality is somewhere between these two examples as you are not going to get everyon'e to participate, however, can I just add another point. Lets say that each of the participants were going to spend JUST $5 on advertising. Jim and his team ;-b has a total advertising budget of $5.
Jill and here team has a total advertising budget of At the 8 week mark with 16 people $85 At the 26 week mark, 8192 people $40,900 Can you see the potential here? This in part is the reason for the Success Planner, it is a great sales tool, but it is a serious Goal setting device also. I recommend you download the FRE'E planner, key in your planned income goals and Print out the results. Review it often." target="_blank">

My Recommended approach
So I hope that this strikes a chord with you. Network marketing can be extremely rewarding and is now a solid business model that can build you a huge long term income. I am a founding member of a great fresh new company and I believe we can make CashReadyIntl one of the best decisions you ever made. I suggest that you check it out, get signed up and work flat out on getting between 2 4 referrals in your first two weeks. Once you have at least two people, switch your focus to helping them get established. Two people who stick with you are worth far more than 5 or 6 who dont. If you get two people who have their own referrals they are far more likely to pay that second months fee, even if they have not covered costs yet. We all want to see results and can anticipate the future earnings. You will find that you can still promote your own link and assist your down-line. Once these people are settled you can focus on getting two more this cycle can then be repeated.

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