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By: Mike Jezek

Pay attention for the next few moments as I'll reveal 4 tricks of the
trade that'll make your sales letters and ads more enticing.

These 4 effective tricks are found in the art and science of persuasion.
Called Parallel - Logic phrases, they can definitely give your copy a more
magnetic appeal. As you use these phrases you'll begin to notice your
sales letters and ads taking on a new level of believability and

What is a Parallel Logic phrase? Quite simply, a Parallel Logic phrase
is a sentence that takes an unproven claim and ties it to a known fact.
The following are 4 types of Parallel -Logic templates along with
examples of how to use them.

"Just as... So does... "

Example: Just as Penicillin was the breakthrough of the century, so too will
'X' become the latest breakthrough in fighting sickness and disease.

Example: Just as Ted Hikes achieved an incredible profit of $45,000 in 90
days, using these investment strategies you'll also have the potential to see
incredible results like Ted's.

"If you... Then you'll... "

Example: If you love watching war documentaries, then I know you'll love
"Confessions Of A Navy SEAL."

Example: If you hate paying outrageous money for 'X', then you'll be excited
to know you can save 10% with our Early Bird Program.

"If they did... So can you."

Example: Over 60% of our seminar's attendees go on to become rich in real
estate. And if they can do it, so can you! Here's why:

Example: Let me tell you, if my sales force can accomplish extraordinary
results like these, then so can yours!
"The same (thing/item) as (person/organization) uses."

Example: This is the same exact pair of sunglasses as worn by Tiger Woods.

Example: This is the same material used by the United States Army.

As you can see from the examples above, creating copy with Parallel - Logic
templates is a snap. Simply take some time to practice writing statements
utilizing these Parallel - Logic templates; the more you work at it, the
better you'll get. Soon, with a little practice, you'll be able to smoothly weave them
throughout your copy to create enticing sales letters and ads that get results.

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