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By: Gary Simpson

David Showalter reveals information to help business owners struggling to balance business life with their personal life. He shares a rare insight into the changes he has made in his own life.
This week's Motivation & Self Esteem For Success "Achiever's Interview" is with David Showalter, formerly of Los Angeles, USA but now residing in Prague, Czech Republic. David's website is East Point Consulting.

Gary Simpson - Welcome to the interview David. I know you have some really interesting and detailed information for us so we'll get straight into it. First I would like you to explain the principal aim of your website and what you hope to achieve with it?

David Showalter - The goal of our website is to help small business owners and managers to have happier lives. This means helping them to learn new ways to improve how they operate their businesses and increasing the enjoyment and fulfillment they get from running their businesses. We also focus on helping the small business person create a healthier, more enjoyable family life away from their work. As an experienced small business owner myself, I want to help as many people as I can to achieve these things.

Gary Simpson - David, what do you think is different about your website that makes it special?

David Showalter - Well, our motto is "no-frills small business strategies that work." That is exactly what I think makes us unique. Anyone coming to our website can read hundreds of free articles, reviews, and eBooks designed to help make their business and their life better. My staff and I carefully read each and every article and eBook before it makes it onto the website. We do not allow anything that we feel is bogus, ineffective, full of advertising, or simply time wasting. We only post the good stuff - information that can be put to immediate use by readers.

Gary Simpson - On a personal note, David, what do you consider to be your "crowning" achievement to date?

David Showalter - Wow! There's a sudden switch in mindsets! Personally, I consider the crowning achievement of my life to date to be my own "hellish" struggle to get OUT of the overworked, unhappy, stressed out and meaningless lifestyle I was trapped in. I am now happy, fulfilled, at peace, and always looking forward to the new day. Professionally, I value the work I've done to create our course, "Take Charge: Proven Strategies to Improve Your Business and Reclaim Your Life Today." It's a book that I believe will be a "life saver," literally, to many overworked, overstressed and "drowning" small business owners everywhere. That's why the book was written, but it's the experience, not necessarily the book that was the result of the experience, that I consider the true achievement.

Gary Simpson - How long did it take you to achieve that goal?

David Showalter - The "goal" began when I realized that I hated what I did for a living. My life, which had been so happy before, became one that I dreaded every day. That was when my retail shop was at the height of its success, and my home life had become non-existent. From then, it took me about three years or so to "turn things around." It came at great personal cost BUT in the process I learned a powerful truth - the "goal" is never accomplished. That's what sets you free and makes you truly happy, deep inside. I don't value "achieving" anymore. Instead, every day that I am given the opportunity by my Creator to wake up in a safe environment, healthy, and to pursue whatever "goals" I have on my agenda, that's a day I am happy to be alive and full of joy and fulfillment. Actually accomplishing the goals, which I try extremely hard to do, isn't really the point anymore. It's enjoying the process, and, having the opportunity to DO the process. That's the key. So, the short answer is, it took me long enough to realize that the "goal" will never be achieved! Does that make sense?

Gary Simpson - Certainly. I have made some of these realizations and changes in my own life. In fact, I am still evolving with it. David, what is the greatest difficulty you have ever had to overcome?

David Showalter - I refer back to my previous answer where I spoke of the "turnaround" in my life. This period saw the loss of my business, a painful divorce and the suicide of my brother in a period of just two months. Six months later, 9-11 happened and turned the world's emotional state and economy on its ear. By this time, I had lost all faith in myself and in the goodness of the world. I drifted, unable to focus on a single thing that mattered anymore except for a rebound relationship that became my whole world. When that failed, as they usually do, I was totally hopeless. The emotional pain is impossible to describe. I had simply nothing left to cling to. To make matters worse, I was living alone in a foreign country. I was in total emotional crisis with the last of my life savings slowly dwindling away. I try not to think about that situation any more. It was so painful! Gary Simpson - Gee, David, you certainly have been "through the mill," so to speak. You obviously have some steely resolve. What are three personal attributes you possess that help you to win?

David Showalter - From least to greatest:

ONE: I continue to build my skills. I never stop learning and building new things to offer my clients. TWO: I never give up. I work hard and when the going gets tough, I work even harder. I don't question - I DO. I think that is the single most important key to success. The reason most people "fail" is that they give up too early. THREE: I have an unshakeable faith in God. I don't "believe," I simply KNOW that He is there and will guide my steps. He will be there for me if I fall. That gives me tremendous strength to face just about anything.

Gary Simpson - Are you a reader and, if so, what books do you read?

David Showalter - I read about 200 books per year. I read mostly non-fiction, such as business, economy, politics, and especially history or science. As I said, I am always learning. I can read an entire hardback in one or two days. I also love fiction, especially fantasy. It's very difficult to find good fiction. Most of it is hackwork, designed to sell. I often find myself turning back to the classics, but longing for some well-written fantasy fiction. I just finished Lord Of The Rings and it was as great as everyone says it is! True to form, since I can't find much great fantasy to read, I have been writing my own. Tune in next time…

Gary Simpson - Aha! So, you are hinting that next time we speak you may have a work of fiction for us. Being such a prolific reader you must have a favorite quote or saying. What is it?

David Showalter - Actually, I have many. It's good to have a repertoire of sayings to help you get through various situations. Among my favorites are:

"Train the mind to desire exactly what the situation demands," - from an anonymous Zen teacher.

"The principal act of courage is to endure and withstand dangers doggedly, rather than to attack them," - another anonymous source.

"God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and good judgement," - from the New Testament.

Gary Simpson - They were three excellent sayings David. Thanks for sharing them with us. I never cease to be amazed that some of the most profound sayings are from anonymous authors. If I had created them I would certainly claim them. David, switching back to the internet, what, if any, is one thing about it that annoys you the most?

David Showalter - There's an awful lot of CRAP on it! I'll get right to the point here - the reason we created the East Point site is because when I was having such a horrible time running my business (which was successful, mind you, not faltering!) I had nowhere to turn. All the advice I found on the web was junk, designed only to sell me something. With such a powerful tool it is a real shame that so many people decide to put such garbage on it instead of utilizing its potential to reach out and share empowering, life-changing information with people who really need it.

Gary Simpson - Conversely, what, in your opinion, is the most advantageous feature of the internet?

David Showalter - Of course, it's the ability to reach out to anybody with access to a computer and networking technology 24/7. In the "real world," I would say it's the ability for businesses and business owners and managers to connect with each other and empower each other financially and emotionally over incredible distances.

Gary Simpson - David, you have already foreshadowed the answer to my next question but what project or projects are you currently working on?

David Showalter - There's no end to those. I'd like to see East Point's website become well known and see our "Take Charge" course book get into the hands of business owners who need it.

I'm also teaching English, about 25 hours a week, to 220 high school kids in Eastern Europe. That is quite a challenge. A big part of the healing process I went through was to learn to focus on my community - not "when I have the time" or "at Christmas" but all the time, as part of my lifestyle.

As I mentioned before, I'm working on a fiction/fantasy book, my first novel. It is a great source of pleasure and inspiration for me.

Finally, I'm very happy to say, I am about to be re-married, proving that life does have happy endings if we don't lose heart.

Gary Simpson - Congratulations on the forthcoming wedding! Is there anything else you would like to say or add to the interview?

David Showalter - Sure - to all of my fellow small business owners out there, just trying to get by and squeeze some happiness from what you do every day, I say this:

The only person in the world who will turn your life around is you. If you don't do it nobody else will. Do what you have to do and make sacrifices to build a life that you enjoy. Work with what IS. Don't be fooled into thinking that money equals success or be taken in by anyone else's definition of success but your OWN.

Get out there and build yourself a happy life, whatever it takes, no matter what, and never, never, never give up.

Gary Simpson - Wow, David, that was a powerful interview. You have shared some very personal and professional information with us and for that I thank you most sincerely. Business people would do well to visit the East Point Consulting site and purchase the "Take Charge" book. I have read many sections of it and I can say that it is filled with very sound advice.

About the Author

About the author: Gary Simpson is the Course Co-ordinator for the "Life, Journey, Destiny - Personal Development Home Study Course" and the author of "How to Stop Wasting Your Life and Start Getting What You Want." You can view many more articles by visiting Gary's website and accessing the "INTERESTING" page.

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