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By: Edward B. Toupin

Ever since I began posting information about remote viewing on my site, more and more people have been asking about what it is and how it works. At first, I thought this would be a simple topic to write; however, I began to realize that there is a lot of information presented that might not be easy to grasp. In this article, I am going to provide a simple overview of remote viewing and, generally, how it works. This way, readers will have a cursory knowledge of this interesting technology as a basis for further reading and research.

--- What is remote viewing? ---

People tend to confuse remote viewing with psychic abilities. Indeed, they do seem similar in their results, but remote viewing is more of a technique or technology than it is a mystic science. In reality, there is nothing mystical or mysterious about remote viewing at all.

Remote viewing is purported to have begun during the Cold War when the CIA and military decided to use this technology for remote spying. However, through research, it has been found that forms of remote viewing have been used for centuries by various civilizations.

Remote viewing allows us to look at other places and times without ever leaving our seat. It allows us to examine information and situations that we would otherwise never gain access to in our lives. Everyone can do it as, at one time, we were all able to use it. However, over time, this ability was pushed aside through religion, society, and by blocking our own creative subconscious. By opening that doorway again, you can use remote viewing for a multitude of applications including the enhancement of your own life.

--- The Universal Library ---

Consider the human brain. Indeed, as small as it is there is no conceivable way that we can store all of the information that we know in there and expect it to function efficiently. Additionally, since we all have the same brain, where do spurts of genius and inspiration come from? Finally, with the stories of people who have had half of their brains removed due to illness or trauma, how can they still function as normal human beings?

The theory is that the brain is not only a control center for the human body, but it is also a massive receptor and connection to the Universal Library, also known as "The Matrix." Every piece of information every known, and that will be known, exists in this library and is available to us at any time that we want to reach out and grasp it.

Everything and everyone has a place, or a coordinate, within this matrix. Essentially, anything that uniquely identifies a piece of information in the Universe can be used to locate and access that information and its relationships --- including our individual selves.

--- Where did that come from? ---

As we grow, we eventually fall to the beliefs that society and religion places on us. Our subconscious becomes that place where "evil lurks" and where we toss our old garbage that didn't work for our conscious mind. Basically, our ability to feel and see outside of ourselves diminishes and falls prey to the "collective conscious." This is where we all exist in our grounded, every day world. However, there is also a "collective subconscious" in which we participate and yet, we don't even know exists.
Have you ever wondered where an idea came from? Albert Einstein, Steven Hawkings, and many of the intellects of our day and age in science, business, and entertainment all get these "flashes of genius." It is not so much that anyone is "born a genius." It is the fact that they are born with the ability, and belief, to access information that is available to us all. Consider idiot savants and autistic children. How can they do what they do? Where are they if they are not here?

All of our true intellect comes from our subconscious. Consider a situation where we have no creative subconscious. In such a case, everything we have ever done is everything we will ever do. We would become "stuck" because we would have no way to change directions by applying new ways of thinking to old ways of doing. It is the creative subconscious that allows us to devise new and better ways of doing things and our conscious mind takes that new information and enhances our reality accordingly.

--- Analytic Overlay ---

One of the more interesting abilities required of a remote viewer is the use of all senses: sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing. Another trait that is required of the remote viewer is the ability to accept information for what it is and focus the subconscious so that the conscious mind doesn't interfere with incoming data. In both cases, this is a difficult task as we are raised to allow our conscious mind to filter out unnecessary information acquired by our senses and only use the information that applies to our current situation and our existing beliefs and knowledge. This is known as "analytic overlay." An analytic overlay is the closest logical thing your brain knows based on the attributes of the new idea or information.

For example, analytic overlay occurs when we've acquired a considerable amount of information during a remote viewing session and our conscious mind applies this information to something we already know. For instance, four or five pieces of information might be characteristics of a particular item that your logical mind can identify. In this way, your brain turns the target into something that is familiar, thus misguiding your session.

--- Time Stands Still ---

In the Universe, time has no meaning. The past, present, and the future have already occurred. This situation allows a remote viewer to move around in what we perceive as time to view things that have happened, are happening, and will happen in our future. It is no mystery that everything that will happen, has already happened.

But, how can you change your future? Just as every action you performed in the past establishes your present, every action you perform now places events and situations in motion for the future. As you live and breath today, tomorrow's environment begins to take shape to create a ripple effect for centuries to come. By knowing what is to come, you can change the course of present day events to rebuild your future.

Consider that you place a coffee cup, filled with coffee, precariously on the edge of a table. Yet, your gut tells you that someone will knock it off the table. If you leave it there, the future is set and indeed, someone will knock it off the table. However, if you move the cup to some location closer to the middle of the table, the future is now rebuilt and a new future exists for that cup of coffee. Of course, this is a simple example, yet examine it on a broader scale as it applies to human events. What if?

--- What's over there? ---

Just as we can slide around in time, we can also slide around by location. By picking a location with a coordinate in the matrix, we can see events and people at any place, anywhere, and any time. It is an amazing thing to be able to do!

As one example, I took an address from the phone book and used it as a coordinate to describe the structure. I got it right down to a few words on the side of one of the buildings. Words are difficult to read; however, it was more of just a flash. When we visited the location, I was amazed that the general structure I drew was the one at the location.

During a remote viewing session, you can visit any location you desire simply by access the target within the matrix. All of the information is there, all you have to do is open your subconscious mind and access it.

--- How does it all work? ---

Put in simplest terms, the purpose of performing a remote viewing session is to distract your conscious mind long enough to allow subconscious information to come into your mental processes. This information comes from the Universal Library. You then build a progressive set of data, that describes this subconscious stream, by writing your impressions on paper.

To distract your conscious mind, you apply a "protocol." There are numerous protocols available today that are used by different organizations. Such protocols include Coordinate RV (CRV), Extended RV (ERV), Scientific RV (SRV), Technical RV (TRV), and others. However, the results are similar in that they all provide a process for acquiring data from the Universal Library.

Actually, you never really see anything as a whole, except on some rare occasions when a blur or a flash might occur. Information comes in as bits and pieces through your senses. Believe it or not, your five sense work seamlessly with your subconscious and allow you to assemble information based on what they perceive. During a session, you only have to concentrate on your target coordinate and never worry about how the data comes in as your body is already pre-wired to function with this natural ability.

--- What's next? ---

Remote viewing is not about religion or politics, it is merely a tool that can be used to experience some pretty remarkable travels. Remote viewing is an extremely unusual hobby, yet it provides much in the way of satisfaction and practical applications. It is not exactly something that is accepted by the mainstream; however, it does pique the interest and curiosity of many individuals who would have otherwise smirked at such a possibility.

You can use remote viewing for a multitude of applications; however, one of the more selfish and personally useful applications is to help you clearly direct your life. By performing sessions on your own, it can open your eyes and pull your creative mind out of the muck and mire that has been piled on it during life's journeys. Of course, I would suggest taking introductory courses with a trained professional to learn the various techniques and protocols; however, through practice, you can become quite proficient at this technology.

I could go on about this topic, but the idea was just to provide a quick overview. There are numerous books available from some of the leaders in this arena. Some of the better one's I've read were by Lynne McTaggart, Lyn Buchanan, and Joe McMoneagle. Additionally, a large amount of information can be found on the web at PJ Gaenir's Firedocs Collections (

Good luck and I'll see ya out there!

Edward B. Toupin is a remote viewer, author, life-strategy coach, counselor, and technical writer living in Las Vegas, NV. With the Nevada Remote Viewing Group, Edward has performed numerous sessions for business futures and missing persons. For more information, e-mail Edward at"> or visit his sites at" target="_blank"> or" target="_blank">

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