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By: Ewen Chia
Which 5 'secrets' gain you an upper
hand over your competitors everytime?

It doesn't matter what race you're in or what you sell.

There're always going to be
competitions threatening your business,
especially if you're involved in a hot

It's a catch-22 situation as such
markets are where you make the most
money in the first place.

Look at it this way, even your local
ice-cream seller has his, or her hands
full with competition.

Imagine doing business online where
prospects are faced with unlimited
alternatives besides yours.

You've got to outperform and beat your
own competitors, before you become the
beaten one.

Now I don't mean really going out there
with a baseball bat like a madman. Nor
do I advocate verbal 'bashing' which
seems to be a rage that'll never go

There're far easier ways to deal with
your competition.

Read on then, here are 5 staggeringly
simple 'secrets' to winning the race

Secret One : Building Your Own

Customers are always looking for
something different and refreshing.

In a senario of ebook marketing, you
may very well be selling the exact
ebook as a thousand other resellers.

Ask yourself : what will make customers
buy yours?

In this example, you should create your
own branding and differentiation. For
instance, make more profits by :

- Repackaging ebooks into unique
- Designing your own sales page for
- Offering truly exclusive bonuses
- Presenting more professionalism
- Serving up better customer service

Brand yourself, be different and be
bold. This is your "X-factor" advantage
which no competitor can copy.

it's uniquely YOU.

As my good friend John Colanzi will
say "stop promoting products and start
promoting you".

Secret Two : Become Friends

Secret number two out of "How To Make
Friends And Influence People".

Just kidding. But if you look at it in
this way, competitors are really the
perfect 'business partners'.

Think about it. Both of your businesses
are targeting the same kinds of

So why not help each other?

Everyone wins by combining strengths.

The easiest method to do this is
through Joint Ventures, which can be
for anything you dream of.

My principle is simple : find close
competitiors and turn them into

Contact them personally and prospose
a joint venture deal :

- Simple link exchange
- Content exchange
- Ezine ad swaps
- Trading of products
- Endorsements
- Interviews
- Joint authorship of ebooks, etc.

The possibilities are limited only by
your boldness and imagination.

Secret Three : Give To The World

This is not a big secret. No one likes
the hard-selling salesman.

No one enjoys being sold to and being
treated like another 'number on the

On the other hand, everyone appreciates
help and useful Information.

They like to think they've made the
buying decision on their own will.

How do you use this to your advantage
on the internet?

By offering visitors quality
information that leads them to wanting
your product!

This may be in the form of web content,
ebooks or ecourses, and it's popularly
known as the "pre-selling" technique.

Not only does it increase your profits
like magic, it also heightens your
credibility and trustworthiness to the

I'd bet not many of your competitors
are giving their products away ;-)

Make it a goal to educate and inform
and the money will come automatically.

Secret Four : Be A Student For Life

Always continue learning and improving
to race ahead of your competitors.

Surf the web, participate in forums
and do research that relates to your
market. Learn skills to improve your

For example, if you can't write good
copy, learn to do so.

If your new-found skill can lead to
better website conversion, and
eventually more sales, wouldn't you
want to learn it fast?

As the old saying goes "learning is
a lifelong experience".

What makes you think you can ignore
this in your business?

Secret Five : Create Your Own Market

The magic phrase is "Targeted

Expand CURRENT product into other
related products or services that your
market will need.

The key is to provide solutions to your
target market, that are complementary
to what you already offer.

Become a one-stop solution seller and
make backend more money from new and
existing customers.

For instance if you sell an ebook on
ezine publishing, consider expanding
into list hosting service or something

Remember the five principles above and
really use them in your life and
business. You'll beat your competitors
at any race in no time at all.

Wishing You Incredible Success,

Ewen Chia

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Copyright (c) 2003 Ewen Chia
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