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By: Gabriel Luis
Both WHM and cPanel are web based control panels that help manage the servers and websites. A Web Host Manager or WHM helps the administrative functions of a server easy on the other hand cPanel helps end users manage their websites without requiring any high levels of technical proficiency.

These tools make the task of managing web servers and sites very easy, requiring minimal technical knowledge, and hence they have been gaining popularity with professional administrators, as well as novice webmasters. Some of the features that are common to both of these control panels, WHM cPanel are:

• Ease of Use: Not many of us are tech savvy with the ability to comprehend, assimilate technical jargon; as such, it becomes extremely important for products to be user friendly without requiring high levels of technical proficiency. Both WHM and cPanel are easy to use. Server administrators’ can pick up the software and start using them straight away, with just a few clicks, using WHM, they can add accounts, edit DNS, restart services, while customers can make use of the tool tips function to navigate the software quite comfortably.

• Customization: Yet another feature common to both the software packages that contribute to their soaring popularity of the ability to customize them according to the specific business requirements. WHM allows you to complete the complete server environment, formatting hard drives, installing software, and RPMs, etc. On the other day cPanel allows you to control what features you wish to offer to your customers, helping you allow a variety of hosting plans using the same software, and change their hosting plans without any downtime, etc.

• Support: Both these software helps you offer the best for your customers on their demand. WHM allows you to create specific features as per your customer requirements and specific needs, if required offering them infinite plans and features. While cPanel allows you to add any application or language that your customer may want.

• Back-up and Transfers: WHM stores the information of the customers and also of the configuration of file servers’ as backup, maintaining these backups helps reduce the downtime when customer accounts need to be restored. cPanel too, allows customer information such as contact information, passwords, etc. for backup.

WHM and cPanel are powerful software packages that offer extremely useful interface features; these features make the server and site administration look easy and possible for any novice to a professional. These software packages offer high levels of flexibility for any hosting environments. These tools help you face your competition in the hosting space without any difficulty.

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