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By: David Payne
When smartphones were first introduced, they were not good enough to do anything more than checking emails and doing similar activities. Whereas, the latest smartphones are efficient enough to perform almost every task that a computer can perform. These smartphones are used by users to perform such delicate tasks now that it can give significant information about its user. They are smart, easy to use and are capable of keeping immense information about its user that it is the user’s basic responsibility to protect it. Because if you see in this way, your phone completely depicts you.
Your smartphone is an extremely personal gadget, it has all the sensitive information about you. This information includes your private pictures or videos, which can be close to your heart and you would never want anyone to have access to them. Other than that, you confidential documents, accounts, communication details and other information are the information that you surely want to keep secret. If someone gets hold of this information, he can make a picture of you in his mind, which can push you towards some kind of serious trouble. Moreover, the social applications in your smartphones can really tell everything about you to the burglar that has got your phone. Applications like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram can portray your complete picture perfectly. He or she will not even have to figure out your personality.
The majority of the users keep their social media accounts signed in with no security whatsoever. The reality is that you do not really rate the importance of your social media accounts. You do not realize how much critical information it can give about you to the crooks out there and in how many manners it can hurt you. In this critical situation, where you need to protect your applications as they can leak significant information, you should use App Lock . It can keep your privacy intact by keeping your personal applications locked.
You need to keep your applications and other kind of information safe and secure in your because smartphone theft is increasing as the passage of time. The only problem with smartphone theft is not that you will lose your pricey phone, there is another aspect of it—data theft. People out there are hungry for information, they do not just steal your phone and sell it ahead for money or use it, they will fetch out all the information that can earn them some pennies, well, not actually pennies, but, a healthy sum of money. The hackers, scammers and other crooks of the cyber world can use your personal information to access your bank accounts, or open new financial accounts or can even issue credit cards on your credentials. This surely scary.
Remember, once your information is in the hands of these vicious criminals, they will hurt you as long as they can. This leaked records will not haunt you for a couple of weeks, but, it can make your coming years, literally miserable, thus, be smart and take care of yourself and your precious information in your smartphone.
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