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By: Darren Starwynn
While the thought of owning or possessing a property is captivating, most of us only relate to a property that is physical or corporeal. A greater part of us is ignorant about the intangible form of property, which is a creation of the human mind. This non-corporeal property arising as a brainchild of the human intellect is known as Intellectual Property. Intellectual Property (IP) refers to an opus of the human mind, an expression of an idea, which can take myriad different forms like an invention, a design or any artistic creation. Just like the customary property, we are acquainted to, Intellectual Property can be bought, sold, rented, leased or partially enjoyed. It is astounding to note how Intellectual property has slowly but surely surfaced as a lucrative business opportunity. This has lured many into the misappropriation of Intellectual Property wealth. IP is an important virtue in the present economy and should be managed and protected strategically.

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property law relates to the rules for fortifying and discharging legal rights to creations, innovations, inventions, designs, and artistic works. The justification of these laws is to give a stimulus for people to enhance their creative works that comfort society, by safeguarding the profits from their works without scope for misuse or piracy. There are certain rights that are framed along these laws. These Rights granted to the holders of Intellectual Property are termed as Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs). They are legally exercised, exclusive rights that the creator of the property possesses for a definite period of time. IPRs are primarily divided into two broad categories:

Copyrights and related rights

Copyright is a legitimate term used to describe the rights that the holders enjoy over their literary and artistic creations. The works covered by copyrights range from books, musical compositions, paintings, sculpture and films, to computer programs and softwares.

Industrial Property rights

This includes the rights related to Patents, Designs, Trademarks, Trade secrets, Geographical Indications, Utility models and Industrial Designs.

Intellectual Property Law firms in Colorado

To flourish in the current pushy market, you need to effectively defend your ideas, product offerings and protect your Intellectual Property works. The objective of most law firm web sites is to display before you, the client, that they are forward-thinking firms in touch with cut-through technology.

If you are an Intellectual property holder or have an amazing idea that could translate, then you will have no trouble seeking expert advice from the many Law firms located in Colorado. There are several Law firms in Colorado, the city of the Southern Rocky Mountains, offering a promise to help you maximize your benefits from your creation. So, make the best use of your intellect and be sure to cash in on the creation of the mind!

Creative Law Network, offers legal services related to copyrights, trademarks, patents and the intellectual property law in Colorado ( ). To know more about Intellectual Property, its types, Laws and related rights, log on to WIPOŚWorld Intellectual Property Organization ( ).
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