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By: David Payne
You might think that you are likely to be robbed off and will be attacked by thieves when you are asleep. But, are you sure that you are safe while you are awake and no thief is getting his hands on your precious assets? Well, if you think so, give it a thought again. Confused? Here is your answer, you use your computer and other computing devices when you are awake and in usually in your senses, but, you still commit mistakes. Those mistakes put your digital property in the danger of being stolen by the online criminals. You never realized that you have some precious information saved on your computer that might harm you if it gets leaked. Here are some of the mistakes that you commit almost all the time.
Using your computer without updating anti-malware program
Using antivirus program is one of the basic measures of securing your information. But, do not just keep an antivirus software on your computer, keep updating it on the regular basis so that it can fight against the latest evolved digital viruses engineered by cyber criminals. Just keeping an anti-malware program would not help your cause of securing your information.
Having no firewall protection
Most of the people think that if they are using some antivirus program, there is no need to opt for firewall protection. However, antivirus and firewall are both two totally different sorts of protection. Where the antivirus act as a sniper, a firewall acts as a fence. Many of the crooks do not look to the cross the fans, however, some does. That is where sniper comes into play. The combination of firewall and antivirus gives your information some reasonable security.
Not using any software to lock folders
Using security software that can Lock Folders must be used as it compliments amazingly with the duo of antivirus and firewall. Where hundreds and thousands of crooks are coming to attack you, some of them will be stopped by the fence, many will be shot by the sniper and when some of the remaining will try to reach your database, they would find a huge unbreakable vault that is almost impossible to open. That is how antivirus, firewall and security software complement each other and helps giving the best possible data security.
Using email services carelessly
You might think that using email services carelessly means sending emails to strange recipients. But, it is just a small part of it. The real meaning of using email services carefully means that you should not open all the attachments or links that are attached to the emails from unknown email addresses. These links or documents attached can be infectious and can infect your computer that will become vulnerable regarding data security. These malicious files and links give free access to the online crooks that send those.
These are some of the most common mistakes that you commit daily and you do not even realize that what big blunders you are doing. Now, you know what mistakes you intentionally and intentionally, so make sure that you do not repeat these acts that will harm you.
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