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By: Austin Dacey
Many businesses- whether small or big, seek e-mail marketing service campaigns to promote their business and products or services. Itís a kind of advertising and is also used to build a relationship with the customer and improve the customer base. They seek this kind of marketing technique as it is easy, cheap comparatively and reaches directly to the inbox of the targeted customers. It can be called a boon, as many targeted customers can be reached at the same time, which in turn results in sales. Many customers even wait for such emails, as they get a lot of information on any particular product.

Email marketing can be called as one of the most effective forms of communicating through the internet and also helps a business owner to keep in touch frequently with the customers. Email marketing is not done to spam the inbox of the user, but to give all the minutest detail. There are a lot of services involved in email marketing and each service or types of email marketing serves different purposes. A business owner cannot utilize the same kind of email marketing service for all the campaigns, and he or she should understand each one of them, before choosing the right one that would be suitable for a particular campaign.

Service Emails or Direct Emails

Service mails, otherwise called as direct mails are emails that are sent to customers directly to their mail boxes. This is the most common type of marketing service and is primarily used to encourage buyers to buy a product or service. This can be a plain e-mail or can include an online brochure or newsletter along with it.

Newsletter Marketing

Newsletters email marketing is basically used as an informational material for the customers about new products launches, current products, and sales of a product. At times, balance sheets are also sent to customers to make them realize the profit or loss the company or organization runs with. This will usually help a customer decide whether to invest in the company or not. This also helps many people who are involved in stock marketing and trade.

Press Release Emails

Circulating press releases helps a company inform its customers about the latest company information. These kinds are typically associated with print publication and at times its use is underestimated. These can be used to inform audience about events, seminars, product launches, etc. This can be sent along with a newsletter or individually to customers. Unlike newsletters, these kinds focus on only one piece of information and entice the customers to visit the online website.

Survey Emails

Surveys are an important way to find out the reviews of the customers about a particular company or product. This is also a way to find what kinds of problems the customers are facing with a product, which would be useful for research and development. These are really interactive and encouraging to the customers to provide exact feedback of a product. Through these kinds of emails, the customers may be encouraged with a small token of coupons or discount cards which they can use in the next purchase.

While sending out such email marketing campaigns, a company should always abide by the laws related to spam. Hope the above said information on types of email marketing services would be useful for a fruitful promotion and sales.

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