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By: Tom Riddle
There have been some practices that people have been doing for decades. Some of them have been declared harmful by the experts for their device and their security and some have been now discovered as injurious for the devices and security. Here are some of those practices that you should quit now.
Overcharging the Batteries
The reason that many people complain about the batteries of their gadgets that it is not giving them the expected backup is that every time a device is charged, a proportion of chemical present in the battery is burnt. When you overcharge your batteries, the chemical presented in those batteries burnt at a rapid pace. That leads your battery to an under par performance. The principle is applied on all kinds of gadgets, whether; you use a laptop, Smartphone or tablet.
Shutdown your Computer
If you are proud of the fact that your computer never gets shut down, then itís a point to give it a thought. You might be unaware of the fact that the computer that shut down piles up the disk cache, temporary files and other wasteful files throughout the system. You need to shut your computer down or even restart it to keep its performance fast and efficient.
Keep Your Desktop of the Computer Clean
If you are travelling on a route that is messy, you will be able to move slowly towards your destination. The case is quite similar to computer. When your computerís desktop is overcrowded with different sorts of files, it takes longer to index and perform proceed your instructions. That is why, whenever you clean up the mess from your desktop, you see quite a significant change in your computerís performance.
Software Up gradation
If you have some software in your computer, especially an antivirus program, every now and then you must receive an up gradation request. For the sake of your computerís security, you need to update the program. If you are not updating your security software, there is no sense of keeping them in your computer. Other than that, to make your data comprehensively secured, you need to use Folder Lock as it helps your data to be protected from all sorts of dangers.
Switch off Your Bluetooth and WiFi if NOT in Use
Even when your deviceís Bluetooth or WiFi is not connected to any device, they keep sending the radio waves to search the devices. During the process, your device loses some reasonable amount of energy that reduces your battery backup and also affects your battery life quite drastically. So, keep your Bluetooth and WiFi off when not in use in order to get the best out of your deviceís battery.

The above mentioned habits were some of them that can enhance your comfort that you get by using your different gadgets. If you break these habits, your devices will give a better performance on a daily routine as well as in the long run. The quality of performance of your devices depends upon how you use and maintain them.
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