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By: Tom Riddle
As the technology progresses by leaps and bounds and it outdates the gadgets sooner than later. The introduction of the latest technology, people tend to move from their old gadgets to the new ones. The outdated gadgets are disposed off by people in different manners; they may be sold, donated or thrown in the trash. Irrespective of how you dispose your used gadgets off, you have to sure that you are leaving no traces of your identity behind in your gadget. The gadgets that usually cause these problems are smartphones, tablets or laptops. There are few precautions that you ought to take before disposing off your gadgets.

Make Backup of Your Data Regularly
Whenever, you decide to replace your old device with a new one, make sure that you have the backup of your important records saved in it. It is recommended that you use an automated backup service that can move your precious information on the cloud so that you do not part from your important data. If you do not have any automated backup system, go for the manual way and transfer your information on the cloud on the regular basis—especially information like pictures and videos that cannot be created again.
Make sure that there is No Personal Information remains in the Gadget
If you think that deleting all the files saved on your device or even reformat the device will completely remove your data, then you are living in a fool’s paradise. There were thirty computers bought and inspected by a tech expert along with a forensics expert and they were astonished to find out that half of those machines were still having some private records of the previous owner. Do not assume that whoever will buy your sold gadget will clear the memory and will not try to extract your data. To serve the purpose of deleting the files permanently, you have to use Folder Lock that can Lock Folders and also can shred files that make them impossible to recover.
Recycle in the Correct Manner
The smartphone, tablet or laptop, whichever you donate to someone, it might get recycled. All the recyclers are not equally efficient and it may not recycle your gadget properly. In this scenario, you need to make sure that whoever is recycling your gadget does it perfectly. If your gadget is not recycled properly, it may allow the prying eyes to have a sneak peak at your data that may cause you harm. That is why you need to have surveillance over the recycling of your device.
Maintain proper Records
When you are disposing your gadgets off, you have to maintain a proper record on which date you gave or sold your device to the other person. What price did you charge for your device in case of sale, whether you have sold it or just donated it, you need to have a proper receipt of it. The reason for that is if a fraud is committed from the device you have sold or donated, you will not get in any sort of trouble as you will have the evidence that the device does not belong to you anymore.
These were some of the things that you should be aware before disposing your gadgets off.
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