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By: Tom Riddle
We were told by our elders that whatever bad deeds we do keep haunting us throughout our lives. Well, they did not point towards the internet, but, now, everything you do gets saved on the internet. You might have not seen the use of the internet in your childhood, it was not a need then, but, still you have many traces of you on the internet. Now, think of your children who are born in the age of technology, where they have to use the internet and live two lives, a real life and a virtual life on the internet. How will your kids manage to maintain security? Since they have entered this world they have been leaving footprints behind that will haunt them throughout their lives.
Their browsing history is collected by different websites and promoters noting their interest and likely searches in order to place perfect ads in front of them. Even the pictures that parents or their family members of the kids tag, the internet stores all the information. These days your kids face the same data security problems as you do, that is why you need to make that your kids’ identity remains secure. If you have saved some data of your kids such their social security number, date of births and etc. you need to use Encryption Software that will keep your kids’ identity secure.
Every single website that you visit collects information about you. These websites fetch out every possible piece of information regarding your interests, religious beliefs, ethnic background, your profession and even income. Your kids have not really evolved such kind of data; you need to keep them secure from now. Give your children dual identities; make them fake identity online that is totally different from the real one. This will make the data brokers to collect all the information, but, with the reference of a ghost person.
Your kids’ social security numbers and other such details can be used to perform fraudulent activities. They can issue credit cards on providing such information and this fraud will be exposed years after this fraud when your kids will grow up. Phishing is another threat that is common in all the computer users including your children. They might get some fraudulent emails from some scamsters, teach your kids not to open such emails and never click any stranger links. You need to educate your kids how to set stronger and securer password. Make them aware of the techniques of setting up a strong password, a combination of small and capital letters with numbers and symbols along with them.
Another horrifying fact has been that pictures posted online never die. If you post a funny photo of your kid on Facebook or on any other social website, it may later become humiliating for your child later in the life. Any posting of photo can become a barrier in your child’s progress in professional or academic life. Avoid tagging or posting any photo or video online and educate your kids also regarding its threat.
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