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By: Jason Lom
Building site waste is often sharp and almost always quite heavy. Trying to gather the debris is a challenge to anyone familiar with typical garbage procedure; the sharp edges tear bags and then the particulate that falls out demarks your every trip to the dumpster. Of course you need a dumpster rental -- some form of waste container is an absolute necessity when you're dealing with waste of that magnitude and composition.

Often, the most important qualification for a construction company is location: if you're building in Eatontown, you need a dumpster rental place that serves Eaton. In a big enough metropolitan area, you might have enough choices that some other factor comes into play, but that's relatively rare nationwide.

In some cases, however, other elements can come into play. For example, while most dumpster are of the 'just throw it in' variety, you will occasionally come across the kind that have chutes, or even more rarely, the kind you can open up and drag waste into. Depending on your needs, these more unusual kinds of dumpsters can be a royal pain -- or a much-needed blessing.

Of decently high importance is understanding the weight of your trash, because almost all dumpster rental companies charge not by the load, but by the ton. If what you're getting rid of is recently-jackhammered concrete, you may find that a single dumpster is only rated to be filled to 1/3rd of its capacity before you reach its weight limit. Busting out the bottom of a dumpster is difficult, but construction companies do it more often than most -- and the resulting disaster is a total catastrophe.

If your company is focused on maintaining green business practices, it might make sense to shell out for 2 or 3 separate dumpsters -- using 1 or 2 of them exclusively for recyclables. For example, some building projects can generate an inordinate amount of left over waste copper wiring and pipe -- it would not be a good idea to treat this material like all the other garbage produced on the site. In fact, it is often the case that materials such as copper can be re-sold to recover most or all of the cost of the additional dumpster rental.

This may seem like a minor detail in some places, but in the northern part of the country, there can be times when having a dumpster with no closable lid is inviting all kinds of mayhem. Even if you're not putting food waste in -- so there's no concern about pigeons or raccoons -- a surprise snow flurry that soaks into your rolls of waste carpeting can drive up that weight (and thus the cost) by an extraordinary amount. Unless you have a covered area to put your dumpsters in, lids are smart -- and training your crew to use them is even smarter.

The choice of which dumpster rental service to use may seem like a fundamentally easy one -- choose the one that will give you a big metal box to put your junk in -- but if you pay attention, many other considerations will arise. Don't hesitate to call around and talk to a few different companies to find out what they can offer: it's well worth a few minutes of your time.


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