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By: Miklas Kristoffersen
The VW Beetle isn't the most engaging car to drive but that's scarcely likely to worry devotees of its own classic retro styling. Many possessors of the VW Beetle take great efforts to customize the automobile and also make it their own. Among the first modifications many VW Beetle proprietors make will be to upgrade the factory radio.

Before starting, be sure to have the code for the factory radio available, either to re sell it to somebody else or keep as back-up if your installation goes all pear-shaped. Open the hood and disconnect the negative battery cable. Secure the cable such that it can not come in touch with any metal components.

Skid the VW radio removal programs to the slots in the sides of the stereo. Apply pressure to the outside of the stereo while pulling forward. Listen to get a clink as the clips launch and pull the head-unit out of the VW Beetle dashboard. Mount the new stereo to the VW radio mounting kit per the manufacturer's instructions. Join the wiring harness adaptor to the first harness and also the VW antenna adaptor to the antenna cable. Skid the stereo into the dashboard, taking care not to crimp or pinch the wires.

Are the speakers in your VW Beetle just not up to par anymore? Do they crackle or buzz or even not work in any way? It may be time to change them. Don't stress. If you like to squeeze the perfect sound from the factory audio system, and you do not have a massive budget, the loudspeakers are a great place to begin Premium aftermarket loudspeakers also tend to be designed better and assembled from higher quality stuffs than factory loudspeakers. The sound quality drops substantially, when the surrounds wear out.

Grab the door panel and pull it toward you. When you have each door panel about 8-inches off the metal, you will see plastic clips that nonetheless join them to the door handles. You'll also see some electric wiring plugs. Disconnect these things, but recall where they're going. Shoot a graphic if required. Then pull up on the plastic to get rid of the panels entirely.

Sign up for the four screws that secure each speaker to its door, but don't remove the wiring harnesses. Instead plug your new harnesses directly to the outdated ones. Subsequently mount your new speakers in your doorways, securing them the same way the old speakers were attached. Now set the doorways back together by performing steps 1 through 3 in reverse arrangement.

Place the new loudspeakers in place and connect them. Then replace the panel. If you replace car speakers that fall under the "total range" category with 2-way or 3 way loudspeakers that have multiple drivers, the huge difference in sound quality can be remarkable.


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