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By: A.T.Rendon
Contrary to rumors of the death of Banner Ads,
the banner ad remains one of the three most
popular forms of advertising on the Internet.

Actually, banner ads ARE the best form of online ads!

Internet advertising expenditures declined overall
in 2001, yet this decline was felt in all advertising
sectors of the economy and the online decline was
actually less that that found in other advertising sectors.

According to the Internet Advertising Bureau's
(IAB), the online Ad Formats
break down as follows:

"Percentage use of various ad formats remained fairly
consistent in 2001. Formats tracked and their respective
share of 2000 and 2001 full year revenue are: "

2000 2001
Banners 48% 36%
Sponsorships 28% 26%
Classifieds 7% 16%

Ad revenues for 2002 are expected to surpass
these figures with the majority of the ad revenues
being funneled into Banner Ad campaigns.

In a report compiled and released by Engage, Inc., they announced that their:

"Study Reveals That Viewing of Online Ads
Alone, Regardless of Click-Through, Leads
To Sales".

This report has put a new spin on the
traditional methods behind banner ads
because the lead finding determined that
there is a strong pattern emerging of users
who recently saw an online ad and converting
that ad exposure into a sale.

There is now a measurable and concrete
value to an ad impression WITHOUT a click-thru.

Advertisers will now need to pay attention to
the 99% of people that don't click-thru
on their ads but do take note of the message for
future reference and visits.

This fundamentally raises the monetary value
of the Internet as an advertising medium,
because this analysis demonstrates that
just seeing a banner ad alone WILL
create sales.

With these new findings in mind, for a
banner ad to work well , they will need
to encompass these three "KEY" elements:

1. Highly Targeted.

You must know who is in your market is
in order to effectively target your ad

Your banners should be placed on web
sites that will have visitors similar and
precisely to what your market needs.

2. Performance Based.

Internet advertising allows for interactivity.
The consumer can take action, which is why
banner ads that include the simple phrase,
"Click Here" have a greater ratio of success.

Any banner ad that does NOT have a call
or request to action will be a waste of
good advertising space and money.

3. Branding.

The old banner ad model just called for the
viewer to take action to click-thru to your
web site.

Now you need to convey your product "Brand"
so that viewers will remember it when they
find the need to visit you in the future.

Web site domain names which convey this
"Branding" can now be more effective than ever.

The 468 x 60 banner remains far and away
the most popular advertising form on the
Internet. Current pricing ranges from $20
to $45 per thousand exposures.

Even better are the FREE Banner
Ad Exchanges that are available.

Yes, believe it or not, there are still many FREE
banner ad exchange programs that can bring
you a steady flow of targeted traffic to your site.

And, do not worry if you do not have a banner ad
to use for exchange because there are still many
good FREE banner creation sites available online.

For a FREE list of "FREE Banner Ad Services!" via
auto-responder, send a blank email message to:

Make sure to take advantage of these FREE
banner resources so you can have your ads
working for you in this still vital method
of ad exposure online.

Use the above "KEY" ideas for your banner ad campaign
and you will explode your sales online.

A.T.Rendon is an entrepreneur and published writer.
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