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By: Roger Reed
Imagine living on the beach, working from a coffee shop, meeting with like-minded global wanderers that are driven to thrive and live how they want---hard workers that are not bound to desks...

One day you're in Cairo connected over the internet checking in with your virtual assistant (VA) in Chiang Mai. You've just come back from scuba diving in the red sea. Your VA informs you that one of your customers had some issues... but she took care of it.

Next, your VA updates you about your eCommerce online sales: you made about $1,000 USD while you were gone for three days on your scuba journey. "Only $1,000 USD in sales" you respond with a smile. Just an average three days take for you.

Your online store, which operates on the dropship model, had sold several thousands units of Fluffy Muffy ear muffs, in addition to selling Fluffy Muffs (I sourced mine from JMWant), you'd also made a bundle on two branded watches drop shipped to customers in the US and the UK.

You have a hard time explaining exactly what you do, but, while communing with some fish under the waves of the red sea---the term lean multinational startup bubbled up to your conscious. Yes, that's what you are; you are the boss of your very own lean multinational startup.

Does that sound like a dream?

It isn't... and this type of lifestyle has been silently emerging in some of the hottest locations to live throughout the world. There are a few hundred lifestyle entrepreneurs living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. There are a bunch more operating from various cities in the Philippines. Others cluster in co-working spaces and Regus offices in Berlin, San Francisco, Chile, Malaysia and many many more.

Once the concept sinks in and the freedom it entails becomes tempting, your hustler soul is born. Now the focus of your attention targets the how... How can I do this myself? How can I start my own lean multinational startup?

There are many ways to arrive at a business model. Many people that I have interviewed are internet marketers, others source products from China and sell them online, others still want to keep out of touching a product and prefer to dropship instead.

Globaldropshippers and manufacturers can be found with persistence. Use the lean startup methodology to land a business models that works. Create systems to make the processes outsourceable and then hit the road.

Now you can call yourself the boss of a lean multinational startup.


Depending on your current skills and where you want to go, you can see how others are becoming Lean Multinational Startups, some even with fluffy muffy sales, there is a blog about using JMWant as a wholesale manufacturer on the tumblr blog:
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