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By: Jason Lom
There are a lot of reasons why you might have a pile of documents that need shredding services to get rid of. The most likely is that you're running a small business and there are boxes of outdated, unnecessary papers sitting in a back room somewhere that you've just been hanging onto for tax or legal reasons that are no longer valid.

But! You may also be a married couple who has boxes in their storage unit that date back to the early nineties and are full of your husband's written ramblings and your collection of hand-written recipes from before the Internet came along and replaced your shoebox of 3x5 cards. Or you may be a professor who has meticulously copied every brilliant student's insights into the flaws of The Great Gatsby for the last forty-five years. Document shredding has a place in everyone's life!

The point being there are a number of reasons you may have several boxes of documents in your possession with no idea on how to properly dispose of them. Fortunately, there is something new in the world of document shredding designed to entice new clients; the 'free shred day.' This is something that is available to everyone, and if you have sensitive data to get rid of, you should seriously consider being among them.

The concept is simple: these shredding services want to get to know some potential new clients, and they want to impress the neighborhood. So they'll set up a special shredding event where they park one of their trucks in some public parking lot, and start up the giant pulverizing machine. Any and all are welcome to come up and hand over any number of papers, and they'll get put through the shredder and ground into illegible particles that can't be put back together no matter how much patience and Scotch tape you have.

These events aren't super-common, but if you're worried about the safety of the information that you're putting into the garbage can -- and you should be -- it can be well worth the wait. Most of these events are advertised on the Internet, in the local newspaper, and by word of mouth -- keep your metaphorical eyes peeled, and you shouldn't have too much trouble finding something within a decent drive of your house.

If and when you do, prepare properly. Go through all of your documents, your storage, your home; if you don't know what something it, shred it. If it has any amount of personal information on it -- even just your name -- shred it unless you have a very specific reason for keeping it. Sentimentality has a time and place, but one of the wonders of the modern world is that we have scanners. Scan your most valued documents in, burn the pictures onto a DVD, and then shred the originals with prejudice.

Shredding events are obviously more common in larger cities, so you might need to drive a little ways -- but getting your old documents destroyed in a fun and interesting way (that also ends up being good for the Earth, because they recycle everything they shred) is well worth the drive.


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