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By: Groshan Fabiola
People playing League of Legends should be familiar with the term Elo Hell, because most of them fear of entering that zone. This phrase is a term used by players to designate the difference between the rank with which everyone starts playing (1200) and their real skills, because the Elo ranking systems matches players with the similar ranks, determining those with greater skills to be in a disadvantage. The Elo system is used for rankings in many domains, including popular sports, but also in multiplayer games such as League of Legends. It is a fact that climbing back up after losing your Elo is difficult and some players even claim that it is almost impossible. The reason for this phenomenon is simple: the way this system works. If you lose games, you also lose Elo and the moment you lose Elo you are paired with other low Elo players. When you have a team of players with extremely low Elo, there are high chances that you will continue to lose and your ranking will probably never reach the top again. Elohell is also considered the fact that players with great skills are sometimes paired in matches against beginners just because everyone starts with the same Elo and the difference in skills determines new players to fail miserably and their ranking to drop, while experienced players will raise their Elo immediately by taking advantage of this unfit pairing.

To better understand why Elo Hell is a terrible thing to experience, you should consider the following cases. If we take as an example a League of Legends user that has played a great number of Normal games and has 1500 with other 2000+ normal game Elo. If he decides to start playing ranked games, his Elo will be the same as another user that has just started playing League of Legends and is only at level 25. This means that you can easily have a pro play against a noob just because the Elo system ranks them the same and pairs them together as a consequence. Theoretically, Elo Hell does exist, because the match matching will make no difference between the actual skills and will only pair people with the same Elo. This means that beginners unlucky enough to be paired with a string opponent from the start will have a hard time raising his Elo and become champions.

It depends mainly on the luck you have when the placement is decided, if you will be able to raise your Elo. After ten lost games with more skilled players, you will need to win the next twenty for your ranking to rise. Therefore, Elo is easy to lose and very difficult to climb up again. The ranked games of League of Legends are surrounded by myths with regards to the Elohell, but nobody can tell for sure how much users are affected by this phenomenon. There is a great number of League of Legends passionate that have troubles accepting the fact that they will be paired in unmatched battles, but the effect is not that visible to cause uproar. The term is, however, very popular among players.

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