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By: Kirsten Plotkin
When I hear the words 'a healthy balanced diet' I wish to bang my head against the wall. What's so terrible about a couple of words you ask? Occasionally everything! Or as in this case absolutely nothing.

Most of us are lazy with language. That especially follows for words that shut down a debate, - such as, a healthy balanced diet.

So let's clarify. There is no such thing as a well balanced diet. It is a concept developed by the diet and food industry. They have a joint interest in closing down argument about the kinds of food we eat and what those foods really do to our body. This is best left to theories by self-appointed 'experts' at various food company HQ's.

We have allowed reason to be repressed by our need for easy solutions. It's hurting us and it is ruining our children's, and grandchildren's future.

We are being manipulated, even brainwashed, by a food industry that answers to nobody. Who knowingly and efficiently, promote and grow their industry on the back of a food addiction. An addiction of their own making. These are organizations that promote or 'push' an addicting that is as unsafe as cocaine or heroine. And equally difficult to cure. They count their future success in numbers of prospective addicts.

If you find this difficult to believe, just think; 'tobacco industry'; You will instantly see a successful business model for the food industry. Corporations do not have, nor do they want ethics or morals.

The food industry, as a purveyor of addictive products, is most likely the largest most influential manufacturer in the world. They depend on their addicts (us), to pass the food addiction on to our kids. Our choice of food can not be trusted since we are controlled by our dependency.

A healthy balanced diet is plain nonsense.

It's simply a way to tell us to "shut up!" When we hear it said; Our reply should be; "A balance of what"? But we feel compelled to say things like: "Well obviously". "Naturally! "We all know that". We simply do not dare to deny, or even question it. Or we are afraid if we respond in any other way, we will expose our lack of knowledge of things we are expected to know. So next time you are shut down by the 'a well balanced diet' statement. Simply reply: A balance of what?

Where ever we are in the world, we have three natural food groups. Protein foods, fresh carb produce, and fat. Those healthy foods have been the basis for our natural diet for generations. There was never a balance, or given ratio or a standard. The only measure we needed was individual preference. If uncertain, we had our natural instincts to fall back on. These were the instincts that kept us safe and healthy through the ages. All the way to the middle of the 20th century.

Around forty years back, we were tricked, coerced and forced to add a 4th type of food to our diet. This was urged by some people, who may have been part of the then fledgling food business. They said we had to change our diet. Till then, nobody had actually ever heard of cholesterol.

Almost every test provided a high cholesterol reading. A group of self-proclaimed 'cholesterol experts' revealed a solution. A modern diet plan, that later proved to be a reversal of our traditional diet. They had even prepared a poster showing a food pyramid.

Like everyone else, who had high cholesterol, I was required to abandon my natural diet for the brand-new healthy balanced diet. I was informed my health and my future depended on me being prepared to adopt the new diet. Today we still call it the diet pyramid.

By now, you probably will not be shocked to learn that it took more than thirty years to expose that there never ever was a cholesterol emergency. They had simply added the HDH and LDL together.

What was so terrible about accepting a healthy balanced diet?

It included a fourth food group that our body had not learned to process. Processed carbohydrates are artificial foods. Making our body accept them and process them has caused a food addiction, which has caused food cravings that lead us to consume even more food. We end up obese at best. Diets seem the only solution.

Our body does not comprehend a diet plan. When a diet plan is over, our body is programmed to bring back the weight to where it was. The more processed food we eat the fatter we get.

Over time, the healthy balanced diet, has actually led us to excessive weight and diabetic issues. It has caused a food addiction and a big boost in heart conditions, bowel and colon cancer. The connection of obesity with our change of diet, reveals a direct link between weight problems and food addiction. It's as clear as the nose on our face.

When we look for somewhere to place the blame for a disaster, we should always follow the money trail. In this case it leads right to the door of the food industry.

If we truly care for our own body. We will recognize that to have a healthy balanced diet, is not about food elements or taste buds. It's about making friends with our own body and working with it to create a better, unified version of ourselves. It means consuming the kinds of food our body can process. That means the foods only nature can provide.

Our body simply expects the foods our digestive system was designed to process.

This is your chance to visit the place where you'll learn all about food addiction. The types of food your body is trying to tell you it needs. And how to cure your addiction and lose the weight for good.


Kirsten Plotkin is a blogger, Writer And Author. She currently writes about her experience with food addiction. What caused it and what she did to cure her own addiction. Her website contains more than 200 original articles on food addiction and related subjects. It can be found here:

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