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By: Jason Lom
It all happened so fast…one day you hardly saw an evidence of puddle in your basement, and you thought it was because of one of the kids so you just went ahead and cleaned it up and moved on. But then on the next day, the puddle has grown bigger and it seemed resolute on taking over your basement floor. So what is your conclusion? Well the most obvious one. The basement has actually sprung a leak and you have really no idea on how to do it. It’s not that bad yet so you just decide that you are going to hire a basement waterproofing contractor before the water level becomes like Noah’s flood in his time. You already have the plan but you’re just not that sure about how to do it.

What should you look for in good basement waterproofing contractors?

Practically the first thing that goes into all our minds is the price range. For a good price you surely want a good job done. It is important to do some research. Find a number of competitive contractors and invite hem to come over to provide an estimate. Evaluate how detailed their assessment of the damage is done from both the inside and the outside of the house. Take note of the ones who have impressed you not only because of their knowledge but also because of their offer.

Compare estimates of each basement waterproofing contractor; making sure that each one is detailed for better comparative value. Keep an eye out for those who have significantly low figures, as all the necessary equipment and help for the job may not be listed. The overpriced ones demand some attention as well, as it could suggest them doing extra repairs that did not really relate to the actual repair. Like any other business area, swindlers can also be found in the contracting career. It is important to do background research on each contractor you've set your sights on.

A good way to do this is through the Department of Public Safety, just in case the contractor has a number of bad jobs and aliases behind him. To find out about customer complaints and the like, the Better Business Bureau would be a good place to start. It is paramount that a contractor is registered under the state laws, find out about their licensing number. If there's a fight, be cautious in proceeding into a business deal with them, as the license number is another way to find out if they have any outstanding clams.

Specificity is not only important but necessary; you may think you have found the best contractor for the job only to realize that they have never actually done basement waterproofing before. This is a warning flag, always hire a contractor who, is comfortable in his element, it means better quality for you, and a basement that could maybe outlast another generation. Always ask if they know how to do the project.

Lastly, ALWAYS ask for a copy of the contractor's insurance policy, this will give you an idea of their coverage, and see if you may be liable to cover any damages, if employees are hurt while working on your basement waterproofing project. These tips are simple enough, but essential on your steps to hiring a contractor for your leaky basement woes. Trust is paramount in dealing with any business; it's usually earned, yes, but in this advanced age it can be proven as well. You must investigate all avenues, and make sure the contractor you pick is truly the right one for you.


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