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By: Jason Lom
There are so many shredders that are available on the market these days for all of your document shredding services needs. These various types of shredders are grouped into the way they do the shredding of the documents and papers as well as the pattern of the paper strips that they produce. Enumerated below are the different types of shredders:

Particle-cut shredder - This creates either tiny circular or square shreds.

Confetti-cut or cross-cut shredder - This produces either rectangular pieces or diamond-shaped using a couple of contrasting and rotating drums.

Strip-cut shredder - This produces thin strips. This shredder is the least reliable because the thin strips they produced can be reconstructed. The reconstructed confidential documents may be used by criminals or rival companies against you and your company. Aside from its reliability issues, this shredder also produces the largest waste because the chads (the produced shreds from document shredding) are not compressed.

Disintegrator or granulator - This creates considerably small pieces by cutting the papers randomly over and over again.

Cardboard shredder - This type of shredder as the name suggests is specifically designed for cardboards and other hard, uneven materials. This also produces strips that are randomly shaped.

Pierce and Tear Rotating Blade - This produces random strips by piercing and ripping the documents.

Hammermill - This also produces random shreds but unlike the pierce and tear rotating blade, it batters the documents through a screen.

Grinder -This shredder produces small, randomly-shaped shreds by grinding the paper with the cutting blades of a rotating shaft.

The consumption of any of these shredders entails hassles. As a solution, there are shredding services you can hire for your office or home needs. You can select between a couple of shredding plan choices namely off-site and on-site shredding of documents.

In off-site shredding services, the service company provides a container that has locks to its clients. The confidential and unnecessary documents that the client wishes to dispose have to be kept in the provided container. The locks of the container are assurance of safekeeping of the confidential documents. The service provider would then go to the location of their client and pick up the locked container. They would transport the locked container into their shredding facility which is far bigger than either office or home shredders. The destruction of the documents would happen there. As a client, you have the option to watch the entire process of document destruction. Security cameras help this to happen. Aside from enabling you to witness the shredding process, the security cameras are there to protect the shredding premises as well as your documents against criminals. After the completion of the process, the service provider will give you a Certificate of Destruction, which states the time and date of the shredding of documents.

On-site shredding services, on the other hand, involve the process of shredding your unneeded and confidential documents in your location. This was made possible by the mobile shredding trucks that service providers drive upon your agreed schedule. Just like off-site shredding, there are security cameras installed in the trucks that enable you to witness the process. You will also receive a Certificate of Destruction.

Shredding services, be it off-site or on-site, are the best options for your document disposal needs. The peace of mind you can receive from office or home shredders, you can also receive from service providers.


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