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By: Jason Lom
The place, the date and the first person who did the first act of document shredding is not known but their original purpose for doing this action was clear – they meant to annihilate documents that are confidential. The purpose and the process of shredding documents also evolved as time progresses. The process that are involved in shredding documents before were all operated by hand. But these days, shredders that are run by electricity are available. There are some companies that also provide shredding services. These types of services are really great for various people and organizations like: the government, nongovernmental organizations or NGOs, owners of businesses, their employees, clients/customers/civilians, homeowners as well as pet and cattle owners.


It is no secret that the government keeps a lot of confidential information. The possible leakage of information from the government may affect civilians, corporations and even the state itself. Owing to the use of computers for document management, there are huge stacks of paper about civilians, corporations and state secrets that must be disposed. Unsurprisingly, the government is the one who benefit from these services a lot.


Aside from the government, NGOs, most especially the political and social advocates, benefit from shredding of documents. As a matter of fact, NGOs that campaign for environmental protection encourages shredding of documents to recycle paper instead of burning them. Like the government, NGOs that advocate political and social reforms keep confidential information. They use this information in their lobbying strategies. Just like the government, they now employ computer-aided document management; hence, they have to dispose chunks of their documents. Services for document shredding would then come in.

Business Owners

The corporate sector is the primary consumer of shredding services. Just like the aforementioned organizations, they use computers for safekeeping of their documents and have lots of documents to dispose. Also, regular shredding of documents is mandated by the law.

The owners of businesses also have the option to buy shredders. But most of them choose to outsource these shredding services instead. The reason behind this is the outsourcing of the said service is much less expensive than the employment of in-house shredding operators, as well as the maintenance of the shredders. Apart from the cost reduction, they also benefit from their employees efficiency who are also beneficiaries of these services that they have outsourced.


Having mentioned employees, they benefit from these services because they can now concentrate in their work. Owing to the disposal of the clutter of unnecessary documents in their desks, employees can get rid of the eyesore and improve their concentration. Outsourcing the service will also benefit them because they don't have to do the shredding themselves; hence, there is more time devoted to work.


The civilians and clients or customers of a business, irrespective of its size and nature, benefit from the shredding of documents. This is because they are the ones whose personal information are kept by the government and businesses. Leakage of their personal information may be used for identity theft and such crime can damage their reputation.

All Homeowners

Because of some state bans on burning trash, many homeowners turn to shredders for document disposal. However, the use of these machines may cause accidents to the kids and pets. That is why shredding services are more practical than shredders. Also, homeowners don't have to shred documents every day. Costs of purchase, maintenance, repair and utility bills will not be a problem when it comes to hiring these services.

Pet and Cattle Owners

The disposal of confidential documents is not the benefit of document shredding services to the owners of pets and cattle. They benefit indirectly. The by-product of shredding can be used as animal beddings. Thus, they don't have to spend for costly animal beddings for their pets and cattle.


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