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By: Merle
1) Make sure if you have an on-hold messaging system or an answering
machine that it includes your URL and email address.

2) If your company has voice mail have your employees' list
your URL in their individual messages.

3) UPS advertises on their trucks, why don't you?
URL plates can be ordered with your web address and put
on the back of your car or company vehicles.
Take a look at

4) If you give out promotional gifts to your clients
like cups, pens, t-shirts, get your URL printed on
them. Order URL t-shirts here

5) Your web address should be on all printed material
that leaves your office including: brochures, business
cards, fax sheets, flyers, mailing labels, letterhead,
invoices, checks, envelopes. I mean everything.
To order these products online see

6) All outgoing mail should include a good signature
line with your URL. For how to see:

7) Your URL should be listed in the yellow pages.

8) When you send out Christmas Cards make sure your
URL is printed somewhere inside the card.

9) Create some money saving coupons on your PC for a
discount on any online purchase made and pass them
out or do a direct mailing.

10)Give away free "how to" guides on subjects you
are knowledgeable in and include your URL.

11) Send out Web postcards to your existing customer
base to announce your new website, or buy a mailing
list and do a direct mailing with them.Go to Digital
Work and sign up as a
member (which is free) and you'll receive money
saving marketing services at great savings in your
e-mail box about twice a month. You can order 500
website postcards for only 19.00 compared to the
usual price of 200.00.

12) If need be get a rubber stamp made up with your
URL and stamp everything that leaves your office.

13) Run ads in newspapers, magazines, or trade
journals that hit your target market and include
your URL. Buy ads for only 2.00 here

14) Utilize press releases. Send them through snail mail
and through e-mail. Use them for grand openings,
and any other important company event.You can buy
the software and send them out easily with
Media Magnet
or send a free one here

15) If your company or organization produces an
offline newsletter make sure you include your
website address in it for further information.

16) Advertise on the radio. Check out

17) Cable TV advertising is very reasonable.
If you live in Ohio check here

18) Don't forget about billboard ads.

19) Do Direct Marketing (bulk mail).

20) Write and publish your own online newsletter
also called an ezine. To learn how go to
Ezine University
To set one up easily use

To promote your new ezine list it in as many
directories as possible. You'll find a list of
them here

21) Make sure you advertise in ezines that cater
to your target market. To find ezines to place ads
in go to Ezine Ad Auction
or Lifestyles Publishing at

22) Find other related sites and swap text or banners
with them. Try

23) Swap ads with other ezine owners.

24) Write short articles, no more than 700 words
attach your signature line at the bottom and submit
them to ezine publishers who may be interested in
publishing your work in their newsletters. You can
also set up an account with Idea Marketers and create an archive
of your articles.

25) Submit to search engines and directories on a
regular basis about every 6 to 8 weeks. Submit each
page of your site not just the default page. To
learn more about search engines and how they tick go

26) Find specialized directories to list your
site in that cater to your exact type of business.

27) Make doorway pages and upload them to your server
into a specific folder. Then make another page
and list all of the URL's to those doorway
pages on that one page. Place an invisible gif on your
main page and link it to the HTML page that contains
the links to your doorway pages. Go and submit your site
to the major search engines. They'll find the gif and
follow it to the link page and index all of your doorway
pages automatically. This works better then submitting
them to the search engines directly.
If you want to invest in software to help you with your
search engine rankings get Web Position Gold, it's the

28) Newsgroups are a great way to get the word out on
your website if done properly. Find Newsgroups where
your target market hangs out and get involved. Do
not post blatant ads, but make intelligent helpful
posts using a good signature line. There is software
that will help you with this
Please use it responsibly.

29) Do direct e-mail mailings using a reputable
opt-in service such as:

PostMaster Direct
Yes Mail

30) Bid on Keywords at one of the "pay per click"
search engines. Most of them will allow you to
open an account for only 25.00. You only pay
the bid amount when someone clicks through to
your website.Try one of these.


31) Post to online discussion boards using
a good signature line. Some of the best can
be found here:

32) Join a webring.

33) Make your site "sticky" by adding discussion
boards, freebies, software downloads, free original
content. Read more about how at

34) Add a "recommend this site to a friend" service
to your website, it's free.

35) Buy banner ads on the major search engines
like Yahoo or Alta Vista. For current pricing
go to or try one of
these banner advertisement networks.


If you need a few banners for advertising make some
really nice free ones at this site.

36) Write a few short classified ads to use in
your online advertising campaign. Standard size
is usually 5 to 6 lines, 65 characters per line.
Create a sense of urgency and offer something free.

37) Hold a free contest or sweepstakes on your website.

38) Write and give away your own e-book.For more
on this and specific compiler software go to or or if you don't want to make
one yourself you can have a cool Flash e-book made
Pricing starts at 50.00

39) When paying your bills every month or just in
your everyday mail that leaves your office or house
include your business card with your URL. Your bills
arrive with "stuffers", who says two can't play
that game.

40) If you have an actual brick and mortar store
put a sign with your URL in the front window.

If you want to know the "secret" behind website marketing
there isn't one. It's a combination of all of the above
that makes for a successful site that people actually

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