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By: Davidi Payne
The Windows Phone operating system is comparatively the least used operating system of the world. People are found to be fonder of using the Android operating system that belongs to Google and Apple’s operating system i.e. iOS. One of the basic reasons behind the less use of the Windows Phone operating system as compared to its rival is that, there is not much quality of the apps in the Windows app store. Nearly, only 33 percent of the best apps that are present in the other two operating systems are available for Windows Phone. Only 16 apps out of the 50 best apps of iOS are available for Windows Phone users and merely 14 best paid apps out 50 are offered to Windows Phone users.
Similarly, not more than 22 free apps out of 50 best free Android apps are present to use for the Windows Phone users and just 13 apps out of 50 best paid applications of Android can be used by Windows Phone users. Smartphone users tend to use more and more interesting applications; however, Windows app store only has 65 of the best available apps of the Smartphone. That is not much of a bad number regarding the popular apps that are available for Windows Phone. You must keep in mind that some of the apps are engineered especially for a particular operating system and are not functional in any other operating system. An example of such application is ‘Find my Phone’ that is a specialized app of iPhone and is not functional in any other operating system.
There are some applications that a particular cell phone or an operating system does not support, for instance, the apps available for Smartphone to work as a flashlight is not supported by the Windows Phone. The Windows app store does not have more than a one-third applications as compared to the Apple’s and Google’s app store. Microsoft is not the only one that is facing such problem, if you have a look at the Blackberry operating system, it also does not offer much of the popular mobile software that Smartphone users want to use. Smartphone users are always busy in searching new and innovative applications. The availability of some key applications is a boost for the consumers to opt for the operating systems that are rich in some fun and important applications.
As one of the core uses of Smartphone is to be active on social media, however, Windows Phone does not allow you to step into Instagram as it does not have that mobile software developed yet. Other than that, the famous games that are available on both the Android and iOS are not offered in the Windows Phone that is absolutely something frustrating. Having all these drawbacks, Microsoft does not disappoint you as experts suggest Windows Phone operating system as one of the best due to its stability and the user friendly interface. Folder Lock for Windows Phone is an application that makes your data saved in your Windows Phone completely secure. No game or fun application is more important than reliable data security mobile software, as data is possibly the most precious asset that you posses
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