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By: Groshan Fabiola
Filming techniques have evolved in the past years, allowing professionals to benefit from an impressive range of creative possibilities. For example, aerial filming equipment became widely available and now anyone can invest in this state of the art technology. Not very long ago, this filming technique was reserved only to affluent companies, but prices have dropped and clients also understand that the investment is worth it. Far from being a high end fad, filming with professional equipment such as the DJi s800 offers many benefits for both individuals and companies. Listed below are some of the most common applications for aerial filming equipment.

News reports

In order to present an important event, broadcasting companies need to offer a birdís-eye view. When staying on the ground, some details may escape unnoticed, but when seen from above, they become clearer. Every professional TV channel utilizes aerial filming equipment such as DJi innovations to offer viewers a clear perspective of events. For example, when there is a large concert or gathering, aerial filming is the ideal choice. It delivers an important message and, at the same time, itís very practical. Apart from staying in the middle of the crowd, camera men also send filming equipment up in the air, showing the event from a double perspective. But the news isnít the only show where they use aerial filming. Documentaries look very impressive as well, especially when talking about nature and animals.


Aerial filming and photography have opened many possibilities for creative artists, allowing them to play with angles and lighting effects. In addition, this technique can be used to create beautiful panoramic shots and take photos from angles that are otherwise impossible to reach. Photographers who are interested in wildlife and natural landscapes have much to benefit from this technology. Taken from the sky, even the simplest of images looks spectacular. Needless to say, you can take photos of subjects that you wouldnít normally approach, such as birds, planes, hilltops and wild animals. In addition, aerial filming is perfect for those who are shooting commercials, especially for cars, travel agencies, airlines or

Real estate and architecture

Real estate agents and architects often use photographs and films taken with aerial filming equipment. This enables them to get analyze the structure of buildings much better and find out how to position future architectural projects. These films and images can also be used in estate listings, showing potential clients the areas that they are interested in. Also, aerial shots allow experts to understand the architectural personality of each area and know how to build more properties there without interfering with it.


Last, but not least, aerial filming equipment is used in the security and surveillance sector. The police often use this technology during patrols or search and rescue missions. This application is perhaps the best one to illustrate how reliable and practical aerial filming equipment is. These are just some of the main uses, but not the only ones. you can purchase a high quality cam even for personal purposes, to take impressive videos that no one has taken before.

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