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By: Groshan Fabiola
Going to college is probably the most beautiful period in one’s life full of both wonderful expectations and exhilarating new experiences. It is the time when you establish new connections, meet friends for life and the love of your life, spend your days roaming carefree through the campus during the semester and barricading yourself inside during the exam period. However, the first year of college, before you accommodate can also be a very difficult time, because you have to manage everything by yourself. On top of studying and solving complicated love issues, you also need to take care of problems you never knew existed. Not knowing how to fix your own meals or where to pay the bills is only natural after you were spoiled by your parents all your life. As a college student, you will probably get your hands on a fixed sum of money at the beginning of the month that you will need to manage by yourself. After a blessed period when you can afford anything, you are left starving with no money at all and bills to pay. Surviving through your college days is only possible through a combination of ingenious expenses cutting and help from other students. Selling valuables and purchasing second-hand items are a common occurrence in campus. You can easily find an owner for your old computer and get yourself an old couch by joining different college student groups on social networks.

College social networks are life-savers in any situation, whether we talk about finding out useful information such as which classes to take, where the cheapest food is sold, tips on how to extort more money from parents or we refer to situations when you desperately need to have a change of décor and you decide to hand out with your friends from the anime fan club. Nevertheless, the exchanges between college students are truly impressive. You can purchase used books from your seniors at half the price or even for a meal, if the subject was truly dreadful and you can get a poor soul buy your old laptop for enough money to cover the phone bills for two months. Because there are many colleagues that sell their things very cheap when in dire need of money, you can follow college student groups created for this purpose and buy yourself many useful things you would not afford if new.

There are also many students who simply need to get rid of lots of things once they finished their studies and sell them cheaply or even give them away before leaving the campus. Graduates can be a great source of second-hand valuables and many first years get saved from starving by purchasing an old bike instead of using public transportation and by getting all the books they need from a generous senior. Social networks such as mycollegesocial are truly blessing in disguise for students who find themselves in difficult situations, because they can learn a great deal from the experience of their seniors.

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