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By: Jason Lom
Taking out a tree in a large city is fairly common today, trees are removed to make way for various developments such as roads, bridges, buildings, industrial parks, and numerous other such projects. For this reason, quite a few trees are being taken out each year in our towns and cities. In many metro areas throughout the country, there a number of tree services specializing in this kind of work.

Cutting the trees is not a simple task. Many people think that no special knowledge is required for cutting down the trees. But they are completely wrong. There are many things that we should keep in our mind. They include:

· The size of tree: This is the most important thing that you should always keep in your mind. If the tree is too large and heavy, you may need special tools to uproot it as it is not possible to cut down huge trees with ordinary axe. There are advanced tree chopping machines developed by some countries for this purpose.

· Position of the tree: If the position of the tree is precarious, say it is leaning on some important building or home, it is necessary to cut down in such a way that it doesn't harm the building in any way. You can achieve this by changing the direction of its fall. It is not easy to do. You need to use huge ropes and chains. The tree services are well equipped with all such tools.

· Cost involved in cutting the tree: If the tree is too large, it can't be cut down at once. Some trees might be hundreds of feet high and hence they need to be cut into manageable pieces from the top. This is a demanding takes and the cutter has to get to the top of the tree. So that costs more than cutting down the small trees.

· Type of the tree you are going to cut down: This is another important thing you have to keep in mind. If the tree is a hardwood tree, it is very difficult to cut down and if it is a soft tree, it's very easy to cut it down. So always see the type of tree which you are going to cut down.

Even though cutting of trees is inevitable in some cases, it is better to avoid this practice as much as possible, because it cutting a tree is easy but developing another tree in that place is very difficult. It is well known that trees are the lungs of mother earth. They bring rain, remove CO2 from atmosphere and produce pure oxygen to breathe, increase the humidity of the atmosphere and thereby keep our atmosphere cool etc. so because of all these reasons, it is better to try to keep the trees in tact as much as possible.

In some cases where there is no alternative, cut down only very old and strong trees. Never cut down younger and tender trees. These are the things you should always keep in your mind while dealing with tree cutting.


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