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By: yeswinjaklin
Have you ever imagined the amount of fuel you waste each time your driver takes a wrong path? The prices of fuels are rising on a daily basis. It is not easy to afford the fuels with prices so high. Just check the website of "Digital Dispatcher" to find what you can do to control these kinds of complications. They provide a variety of services that include

Fleet fuel solutions
Inventory tracking
Dispatching suite
Point of sale Invoicing
Route optimization solution
It can function well on Android platforms and requires a cell phone with a proper network

With "Digital Dispatcher" you can avail a variety of solutions which include improved customer services, to offer efficiency, cutting costs and these factors contribute to the customer's profit. All the services are made available through mobile phones. As it is their motto to contribute to the customer's profit, the technologies are affordable and cost effective and allow easy deployment on mobile phones. It can be applied for businesses of any type irrespective of whether these are small sized, medium or large sized.
The main functionalities involve

A sophisticated mapping route optimization software that helps in building optimal routes. This helps to reduce fuel wastage as a result of following wrong paths.

The driver has a phone with computer. The path is messaged to this phone for the driver to check and take the correct route. This is done through a wireless mode.

The driver can access the routes and directions on screen with the help of the computer available on the mobile phone.

This computer is interfaced with a couple of hardware devices that include printers, meters, scales and a variety of other devices to record, store, save, and transmit packets of data relating to the status and activities of the vehicle.

The information that is obtained is transmitted to a host application where it is reviewed, and processed.

This format helps to avoid the manual effort of processing the work.

The productivity can be measured by the reports that are generated in relation to valuable operations and management.

Some of the benefits that you can avail include

You can save around 40000 dollars using the solution provided by the Digital Dispatcher
You can obtain profit by using cost effective and affordable solutions
It contributes to time management that ultimately contributes to the betterment of your business

Some of the techniques by which you can reduce the fuel costs related to your fleet include

The daily vehicle mileage must be reduced to minimum
Also controlling the wear and tear of the vehicles also contribute
Just check and review the amount of mileage that is wasted unnecessarily
These techniques contribute to reduce payroll costs

Thus, Digital Dispatcher provides you with a wide range of fleet fueling solutions that contribute to managing money and time efficiently and also contributes to reduce manual effort.

The above content taken from this website :

Dispatch Software is a method of handling emergency calls and it is a suite of software packages enabling to respond emergency call accurately. offering digital transportation software for Fleet Fueling, point of sale invoicing and many more. For more details about Dispatch Software, please visit
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